Fantasy Football Podcast: Are you Actually Ready plus Bargain FPL Picks

There’s been a lot of talk about the introduction of the draft game from the Premier League season. Thankfully this is nothing new to us having played draft formats for multiple years via different platforms.

Pleased to announce that I will be working closely with PlayTogga for the upcoming season and in addition to actually playing the game you can hear FantasyYIRMA taking part in their podcast, website and social side.

I believe they have a great draft game and the tailored scoring system lends itself much better to the draft format than the FPL scoring.

Regardless – first podcast with the Togga guys can be heard below. There’s a lot of similarities to a drunken Jim McDonald crossed with a nonsensical version of Colin Murray when I’m speaking but aside from that – all good – and the other two John and Mike actually know what they are talking about – which always helps.

This pod covers some players to watch, recent talking points within the game such as new signings and our thoughts on the upcoming season alongside the startling realisation that with the Premier League kick off only days away there is a feeling of lack of preparation.

In addition to the podcast YIRMA put together a Fantasy Bargain Special for FourFourTwo which we were massively excited to do – you can check out our selections here

#FPL Bargain Defenders

#FPL Bargain Midfielders

#FPL Bargain Forwards


Read the posts, listen to the podcast below, Drop the guys at @PlayTogga a follow on twitter and let me know if you are having a draft league and your thoughts on this format.

Generally soak in and enjoy the Fantasy Football hysteria that this time of year creates!

Many Thanks,

Ryan @FantasyYIRMA





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