Fantasy Football: Budget Midfielder Performance Statistics

One of the things we have always been keen on is featuring content from the FPL community on Twitter. Since 2012 there’s now been more than 50 Guest Post Contributors to the site from across the World and as always – happy to showcase new sites and accounts.

Was recently impressed when @TheFPLdabbler popped up with this table below helping us to try and make sense of the budget midfield options available for Fantasy Premier League. We all know that at 4.5m it’s unlikely that these players will spearhead our fantasy team, but a solid budget option allows more money to be spent elsewhere and it’s this point that makes the table of greater interest.

If your team needs that budget option to free up funds elsewhere then at least make it a pick that starts, plays and has some rationale for being in your squad. If they are required to come off the bench then at the very least you can try and bank some appearance points in addition to your best chance of an attacking threat.

It will be interesting to see how this table develops over the season. With the Gylfi Sigurdsson saga now over and a move to Everton finally complete it feels like now is the time for Tom Carroll to step up for Swansea however there are other bargains to be found.

Our Gameweek 2 Preview is now live also which can be read here.


Ryan @FantasyYIRMA


Table provided by @TheFPLdabbler. Drop him a follow on Twitter




I’m a student from London. Big West Ham fan and season ticket holder. Been playing FPL for over 5 years, but this is only my 2nd season taking it seriously. Never done any sort of writing/blogging before, created this account because I love FPL and wanted to interact with the FPL community.


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