FA Cup magic makes FPL points disappear!

With it being an FA Cup weekend there is excitement, supposed magic in the air and the potential for some major upsets and great fixtures. It does mean however that there are no Premier League fixtures this week so no Fantasy Premier League. There will be a full GW22 preview coming in time for next weekend and a club insight article from Fantasy Yirma ‘Pundit’ @Mark_Jones86.


For keen FPL managers all eyes will surely be watching out for the final score coming from St. Mary’s Stadium this weekend. Southampton take on Chelsea in the FA Cup on Saturday with both teams aware that they will play each other in the league in GW22 thanks to their rearranged fixture.


This match will only go ahead however if it is not a stalemate in the Cup game. In this scenario the FA Cup game would be replayed on January 16th instead of the rearranged league fixture.


Fingers are crossed that there will be a winner in the cup game between Southampton and Chelsea meaning that GW22 suddenly turns into a Double Gameweek!


Southampton are away to Aston Villa and Chelsea are away to Stoke in GW22 at the minute – throw in the potential for a Chelsea / Southampton game and suddenly we are faced with FPL questions like “Should I take a chance on Torres?” and “RAFA ROTATION….Which of his bucket-load of midfielders will get the gametime across a double gameweek??”

That is just the starting point.. Fonte , Puncheon  and Lambert all have merit for consideration in the event of a DGW…

Combine this with the fact that GW23 sees Arsenal and West Ham with a DGW, the African Cup of Nations kicks off this month and the small matter that a January Wildcard is now available and to be perfectly honest – It’s probably a good thing there is no Premier League fixtures this weekend!!

There are difficult decisions ahead.



However while there may be a few challenges in the next few GWs for everyone, it is a proud day for the team at Fantasy Yirma. The FY mini-league has made it into the top 5 “best leagues” on the official fantasy.premierleague.com website.


FYI: Our mini- league is still open for anyone to join and have a go, but be warned…the standard is extremely high…



Completely FREE to PLAY with £50 for the winner. The official Fantasy Yirma mini-league is still available to join!!

 Click the red picture below to Join.


 Ayw09AaCIAAzxAc.png large


It is great to see so many people involved in our league doing so well. Looking at the players who make up the top 15 of the Fantasy Yirma mini-league and it is extemely impressive that all of them are in the top 1000 globally out of more than 2.5m players that is certainly an achievement! Leading the charge in our league is team Wallofame who is having a great season so far sitting on 1,314 points which is 28th in the entire game…


  # Team Manager GW TOT
1 Wallofame Sir Alex Jnr 92 1,314
2 Ravel M FC Saugaat Ranjan 79 1,313
3 Rocky’s X1 Rocky Ogle 79 1,305
4 Fluorescent Lampards Eli Lourie 69 1,284
5 TerrorToon joe p 78 1,277
6 Colbert Nation Tom Kingscott 93 1,277
7 The Cucking Funts Richard James 64 1,265
8 Anthony’s Wingers Didier Drogba 94 1,264
9 juniors Ray Harding 81 1,263
10 Nortei Nortey Chris Galloway 85 1,262
11 Skycat Richie Browne 78 1,258
12 DreamKillers Sarnab Das 87 1,257
13 real kaka krakers mell hyzam 78 1,251
14 Grande Elias Team Jorge Pacao 78 1,249
15 [MUSVN] Tom Nguyen Bui Huynh 104 1,246



So enjoy the magic of the FA Cup this weekend because next week – FPL is back…and back with a potential DGW vengeance.






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