FantasyFootball #FYCUP : The Final 8!


The #FYCUP may have started with 256 players but there are now only 8 players left as we head onto the Quarter Finals.

Here is the draw for the QF!

REMEMBER!!! Only fixtures announced on are valid. The fixtures on the mini-league site relate to a H2H league over 8 weeks which with 256 original players obviously would not work! :)

We spoke with Doug Zanger, manager of FC Bull Mountain about his thoughts on reaching the Quarter Finals of the #FYCUP.

We asked how he felt about his performance so far this year and as you can see he had a lot to say! An #FYCUP win would mean pride for both him and his country apparently, but read on anyway – it’s all good! 🙂

Doing It For America

By Doug Zanger aka FC BULL MOUNTAIN

So I’m in the final 8 of the FY Cup.

On the surface, it’s either an achievement or just kind of ho-hum. The latter is reserved for those who generally reside in football hotbeds, especially the UK. They know their football well.

By the way, I am American.

The usual response is, “oh, this Yank just got lucky. There’s no way in hell he knows what he’s doing.”

Actually, I kind of do know what I’m doing. As do a nice subsection of my red, white and blue comrades.

I live in Portland, Oregon. We have a decent MLS team (the Timbers, where Clive Charles played) and a RABID fan base (the Timbers Army). In fact, Brits tell me it’s very much like being at a match in England — Newcastle seems to pop up as the example. As does Swansea.

Thankfully, we get to watch EPL (or BPL, take your pick) much more with the Fox and ESPN deals in place. Sure, matches may start at 4am, but I’m there watching them.

I went to uni in London in 1990. That’s where I became familiar and fell in love with Arsenal – and saw Paul Merson, my favourite insane football presenter play. I must say that Piers Morgan’s “dedication” to the squad is unsettling. But, Alan Davies’ support trumps it big-time.

I’ve played proper football since I was 5. I played at university. I still play in a first-division 40+ men’s league.

I can still blow right past you and put the ball in the back of the net á la Thierry Henry. I am still a greedy b*****d striker at the young age of 44.

So, as an American, I’m trying to put some context on my love of football. Because I know you all think I got “lucky” and I don’t have a Kalou (see what I did there?).

But we do know what we’re doing. We have deep love for the game and the league. But respect in the FantasyYIRMA world is to be earned, not chirped about. So I shall keep my ‘Merican piehole shut for the time being.

I will, however, give a little peek into the end of the season strategy. The best way to categorise it would probably be “aggressively conservative.”

Do I take the 8 (or 12 point) hit on transfers this week? Probably not. But 4 isn’t out of the question for a forward who may have two matches. But it ain’t gonna be Demba Ba or Torres. And who the hell knows with Man City. Aguero could go for 14 or -2. Dzeko could do the same.

So that means Lukaku gets the start. And them Lambert goes right back in for week 37.

Aside from that, the rest of the way, it will be steady as she goes.

And pray that I pick the right Welsh, Spanish or Dutch captain to save my arse each week.

All I know is that I really do want to win this thing. For the vanity. For the £££.

And for America.


The generous folks from @AdvertisingWeek have been in contact and offered to add £50 to the prize pot!!

To try and keep it fair I have decided to split the £50 with £25 going to the overall winner and £25 going to the Bonus prize winner (In Addition to the already great prize pot in place from our #FYCUP sponsors @StanJames !!!

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