Fantasy Football: Nothing but BONUS points!!

So-  the sky is blue, the grass is green and Gareth Bale gets 3 bonus points..the Welshman can do no wrong at the minute as he puts in another match winning performance for Spurs with the only goal of the game in a 1-0 win against Southampton.

Elsewhere, Walcott took the maximum for Arsenal and Ivanovic got the 3 bonus points for Chelsea ensuring that the race for the top 4 is no clearer after GW36. The midweek match up between Chelsea and Spurs has been growing in significance over the past few weeks and will be extremely interesting to see the outcome of this match with so much at stake!

Reading managed to hit 4 on the road against Fulham with Karacan taking the maximum. Unfortunately this result has came to late to save them but it is positive to see that they do have players capable of playing in the division and have the potential to be in the running for promotion next season if they can keep the same core of players.

The stalemate in the Merseyside Derby was not a classic in terms of goals by any means…But Reina managed all 3 bonus points which is somewhat of an achievement considering he is listed as having 2 saves.

Williams managed to get all 3 bonus points for Swansea in their 0-0 draw against Man City, in addition he did not almost nearly kill anyone so it was an all round solid performance!

Kone managed the maximum bonus points in Wigan’s dramatic 3-2 win at West Brom. With another game to go in GW36 he is certainly paying back managers who put him in for the DGW.

Another defensive display rewarded at Upton park with Collins getting all 3 Bonus points for West Ham against Newcastle.

With another 4 games still to go this gameweek we have plenty of scope for additional points. For now though – Do you agree with the Bonus points?? Who should have got them?? who shouldn’t of got them??

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04 May 15:00 Fulham Fulham 2 – 4 Reading Reading
Ruiz (2)
Karacan (3)
04 May 15:00 Norwich Norwich 1 – 2 Aston Villa Aston Villa
Westwood (2)
Agbonlahor (3)
04 May 15:00 Swansea Swansea 0 – 0 Man City Man City
Williams (3)
Zabaleta (2)
04 May 15:00 Tottenham Tottenham 1 – 0 Southampton Southampton
Walker (2)
Bale (3)
04 May 15:00 West Brom West Brom 2 – 3 Wigan Wigan
McManaman (2)
Kone (3)
04 May 15:00 West Ham West Ham 0 – 0 Newcastle Newcastle
Collins (3)
Nolan (2)
Jarvis (2)
Ben Arfa (2)
04 May 17:30 QPR QPR 0 – 1 Arsenal Arsenal
Koscielny (2)
Walcott (3)
05 May 13:30 Liverpool Liverpool 0 – 0 Everton Everton
Reina (3)
Baines (2)
Distin (2)
05 May 16:00 Man Utd Man Utd 0 – 1 Chelsea Chelsea

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