“INSIDE Fantasy Premier League” FREE PRIZE GIVE-AWAY

We  have 5 free copies of InsideFPL’s Pre-Season Guide to give-away. Friend of the site @Shots_on_target has played a major part in putting this guide together, it’s full of ace strategy and analysis, point profiles and projections for every player in the game, recommended picks, suggested GW1 teams and much more.
















The Pre-Season Guide

Pre-Season Guide for Fantasy Premier League 2013/14 is now live on our website, packed with carefully selected player picks, full team profiles and exclusive insights into fantasy football strategy. We’ll share our teams and tactics and update you with all the key events from the world of football, right up until the GW1 deadline.

As a subscriber we’d like to extend our discount period to you well. See below for details but first here’s a reminder of what’s inside:

searchTeam and Player In-Depth Analysis
Profiles for every team and every player including analysis of last season’s points and forecast points for this season using our powerful prediction engine


The Best Teams
3 complete and optimised FPL teams for GW1 complete with transfer strategy plus our own team and thoughts for the new season.


Exclusive Strategy
Strategies to manage your team through all 38 gameweeks, including transfer strategies, tips on your budget and sound decision making

20% Discount
You can buy the guide alone or bundled together with some other new FPL tools we’ve developed to help you enjoy the game even more. Enter this code to get a 20% discount when you buy any of the packs. The code is valid until the end of Sunday 11th August. (Midnight GMT).

Your 20% discount code : WELOVEYIRMA

Get The Guide

The guide contains everything you need to get off to a good start in FPL this season. Whether you are a new player who wants simple and concise advice to follow, an experienced pro looking for some thought-provoking analysis, or you’re looking for the extra edge in your money league.


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