Fantasy Football Roundup: Hazard, Chelsea, Liverpool and Pork Scratchings


Scroll down for a list of all our posts from this week including features on Swansea, Sunderland, Rooney in addition to our Fantasy Previews.

It has been a busy week!

Selection dilemmas, guessing rotation policies, do we pick RVP or not pick RVP, Double Gameweek preparation and aftermath considerations… you know – real gritty Fantasy Football problems.

To anyone who thinks a Fantasy Football blog runs itself, think again. In order for us to provide you with an insight into pre-season training as you prepare your #FPL teams, the FY squad forced themselves out of their beds at stupid o’clock to travel across to Dublin last week to watch Liverpool take on Celtic.

You can read #FY’s Mark Jones account on the day on the official Liverpool website HERE

The FantasyYIRMA version goes like this.

@Pedro_Lamb decided what he wants to be when he grows up…

liv cel 4

Steven Gerrard appears to kick a small furry creature…


This is why for about 10 minutes we thought the scoreboard was wrong and it was 1-1

In Terms of statistics, preparation for the start of the new Fantasy Football has involved, in no particular order…

18 x Pints of Lager

12 x Pints of Guinness (Would have been more but @ryano83 left early, “too old for this carry on”)

6  x Packets of nuts

3 x Questionable street side burgers

1 x Pack of Pork(ish) Scratchings

1 x Alarm call set for 4.45am  to make a 6.30am Return Flight from Dublin to London

0 x sightings of  Luis Suarez

In addition to this we have also posted 10 new articles this week – including the popular Gameweek Preview. Click on the links below as we get ready to welcome the Premier League back to action this weekend!


FPL Previews

Mark Jones gives his insight into the new Premier League campaign

The Gameweek Preview makes its return!

@EPLfanforLife gets emotional about the return of #FPL

We pick our ones to watch for this season in #FPL


Club Features

Mark Jones gives his “On the Mark” column this week featuring Rooney and the return to the Premier League of Crystal Palace

The @FootballButler takes an in-depth look at how he thinks Sunderland will fare this season under Di Canio

@Chriswin4 provides a great insight into the Swansea squad and the direction in which Laudrup is leading them


Betting Tips

@ThatsaGoal provide their 3 Premier League betting tips of the week



This season we want FantasyYIRMA to be BIGGER & BETTER


FY2 established in 2012, is a niche Fantasy Football site focused on providing news, views and insight for the English Premier League. Solid gameweek articles and Club features in addition to a top ranked free to play mini-league makes #FY a must read Fantasy source! Find us on twitter @FantasyYIRMA


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