Defence on Top : NOTHING but Bonus Points GW2

GW2 is complete!!

Bonus points have been allocated now for the second set of games this season and we look on with interest at how they have been distributed.

The new bonus system continues to raise eyebrows. There have been a lot of people remarking that the new system is set up to more evenly distribute the bonus points out and from the first two sets of fixtures that seems to be the case

You can read about the new Bonus Point system here

One comment that was very common following the Manchester United vs Chelsea game is the allocation of bonus points towards defensive players. Difficult to argue that point in a 0-0 draw but certainly enough to warrant reviewing the 21 games played so far this season.

So with a Total of 21 games played this season the Bonus Point allocation is as follows:

Points Table

It is important to note that it is too early to make any definitive statements at this point. Interestingly since the beginning of the Premier League the Average Goal Per Game statistic is 2.63. More recently the average over the past 4 seasons has been very consistent at 2.75 (2.77, 2.8, 2.81, 2.8 ) meaning that as the season progresses we should expect to see more goals each gameweek if this trend is to continue.

Gameweek1 however had 2.55 Goals per Game with 42% of the Bonus points allocated to defenders

Gameweek 2 however only averaged 1.7 Goals per game so it is less surprising that with 9 clean sheets the defenders came out on top with 59% of the Bonus allocation.

We will continue to look at this throughout the season. Once we have more gameweek data it should start to become clearer but the overwhelming feeling here is that for the first time (That I can remember) we may start to see people selecting a more defensive formation on a regular basis with 50% of total bonus points awarded to defenders…

5-2-3 anyone?? 😉

(Avg GPG statistics from )




24 Aug 12:45 Fulham Fulham 1 – 3 Arsenal Arsenal
Podolski (3)
Giroud (2)
24 Aug 15:00 Everton Everton 0 – 0 West Brom West Brom
Jagielka (3)
Baines (3)
Foster (3)
Jones (3)
24 Aug 15:00 Hull City Hull City 1 – 0 Norwich Norwich
McGregor (2)
Brady (3)
24 Aug 15:00 Newcastle Newcastle 0 – 0 West Ham West Ham
Coloccini (3)
Santon (3)
24 Aug 15:00 Southampton Southampton 1 – 1 Sunderland Sunderland
Fonte (3)
Ward-Prowse (2)
24 Aug 15:00 Stoke City Stoke City 2 – 1 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
Shawcross (2)
Huth (2)
Chamakh (3)
24 Aug 17:30 Aston Villa Aston Villa 0 – 1 Liverpool Liverpool
Jose Enrique (3)
Toure (2)
Sturridge (2)
25 Aug 16:00 Cardiff City Cardiff City 3 – 2 Man City Man City
Gunnarsson (2)
Campbell (3)
Dzeko (2)
Negredo (2)
25 Aug 16:00 Tottenham Tottenham 1 – 0 Swansea Swansea
Walker (3)
Soldado (2)
26 Aug 20:00 Man Utd Man Utd 0 – 0 Chelsea Chelsea
Vidic (3)
Ferdinand (2)
Evra (2)
Cahill (2)
Terry (2)
Cole (2)

So what are your thoughts on the new system – Do you agree or disagree?

Who got points and you thought– how??

Who missed out  and should have been rewarded??

Is it more balanced now than before – are you looking at players now as potential differentials with this new system?

Drop us a comment below..



And Finally… Just for fun…


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