Guest Post: Spurs Super Seven Vs. Arsenal’s Özil Factor

It’s an International Week.. and I hate an International Week!

If Van Persie gets a Hat-Trick for the Dutch this week I will get sod all points and with this in mind I’m opening up the site for some new guest posts.

We will feature guest writer/bloggers from individual Premier League clubs to tell us how they thought their team did in the Transfer window, how they think their club will do this season and more importantly – who from their club should we be considering for our fantasy team??

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First up is Chris Jones who reflects on the North London Derby and Spurs summer dealings..

With the window shut and bolted until January, we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief and get on with our lives. Can’t we?

Last Sunday, I sat down to watch the NLD with @domcrofts (co-author of our blog

Their eyes say “Rivalry”… God knows what their feet are doing!

There’s no need to go over old territory.  Spurs lost and 1-0 was a fair result.  Arsenal looked together as a unit and Spurs hadn’t quite gelled.  Which isn’t surprising given the amount of new arrivals.

I had hoped by now that Dom’s laughing at me would be a distant memory.  However, this morning I awoke to the bleating of yet more Gooners taunting our alleged failure to sabotage Özil’s switch to The Emirates.  If the story is true, having been rebuffed on Özil’s availability earlier in the window, Levy asked Florentino Perez to abort the sale.  Which obviously, he didn’t.

I’ve written about this partnership at length in a previous Arsespuds post (, so I won’t go into detail again here… but it was never going to be a success.  The record fee for Bale is an irrelevant factor in the equation, as any team with such an asset would have pushed for such an amount.  Yet as far as the fans are concerned, the sum total of the agreement is the loss of two jewels in the crown and the transfer of a phenomenal number 10 to our nemesis.  Levy sprinted headlong into that farce and it’s time to rip up the agreement and admit it was an ill-conceived face saving PR exercise.   Which of course he won’t.

Moving on, Spurs fans have seven new signings to get very excited about:


Paulinho: Still shocked that we pulled this off this superb acquisition.  He’s still to get off the score sheet in the EPL but I’ll be sticking with him in my Fantasy team as it’s a matter of time. (FPL Price 7m)

Nacer Chadli: A robust winger who probably won’t be a regular starter but as a squad player, he’s exactly what we need in terms of height, pace and strength. Intriguing signing. (FPL Price 7.5m)

Roberto Soldado: Yet to score in open play in the EPL but once the new system gels, which it will, he’ll be immense for us this season.  Staying put in my #FPL line up. (FPL Price 9.7m)

Etienne Capoue: Thankfully not out for too long and probably won’t bring in too many FPL points but as far as Spurs fans are concerned we’ve gained another world-class midfield monster.  Transfer coup. (FPL Price 6m)

Vlad Chiriches: Interesting to see where he’ll fit this season as he must be behind Dawson, Kaboul and Vertonghen in the pecking order.  Also ticks the strength and depth box. (FPL Price 5.5m)

Erik Lamela: Hopes couldn’t be higher for our record breaking signing and the one they call ‘Coco’. Touted as our replacement for Bale, lets hope his impact is immediate.  Though until the front half of our team properly gel as a unit, we may have to be patient. (FPL Price 9m)

Christian Eriksen: Like Lamela, he’s tipped for greatness and at £11.5 million, has to be one of the bargains of the window. Height may be an issue but speed certainly isn’t.  Assists galore and the occasional wonder goal will be the order of the season. (FPL Price 8m)


Written by Chris Jones @cjonesy1978  @Arsespuds

About the Author

An Arsenal fan and a Tottenham fan – blogging on one site.

This is the bloggy home of the biggest football rivalry in the universe.  A Gooner desperately clinging on to former glories and convincing himself that 4th place IS a trophy, and a Tottenham fan who ruddy loves the Europa League and isn’t even sure what an actual trophy is.  OF COURSE IT’S BIGGER THAN BARCA V REAL.

New for the 2013/14 season, Chris and Dom will discuss their inner most thoughts on the beautiful game, write ill-advised rants at inappropriate times, and celebrate like John Terry in a Champions League Final when Gervinho or Scott Parker* finally stop being $%&£.

Like that’ll happen…

*I actually like Scott Parker.  I’d have put Adebayor instead – Chris

Ed… I am sure they will update their bio at some point… 😉

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  1. We all know we need more then ozil but it’s a step in the right direction and we all know that the gap between us has closed but when you hear the same thing year after year about a power shift in north London etc etc you have to laugh! Yes our defence does have its moments and yes we ain’t won **** all for 8 yrs but when u consistently finish above us yr after yr consistently qualify for the cl yr after yr then we might take u seriously. You lot are as delusional as wenger And that’s saying something

  2. I’m sorry there is a difference from a top player to top top top player, Arsenal have a better team, We need a forward hopefully a top top top quality one, Spurs have 2 top top top players in Loris and One of there cb, Also football matches Usually are not won on individually quality they win it as a group, Spurs got most of these players through the bale sale, Arsenal will have the ability to be buying 2 40 million players every year soon, They will get 60 from Puma and Emirates along with the 30 champions league money every year as well as everything else, Arsenal will have the spending power equal with anyone else, With FFP arsenal will be in the best position, They didn’t build a new stadium for nothing, Arsenal are light years a ahead and it’s because of one man the genius that is of Arsene Wenger.

  3. Dave Highbury

    Quality. Not quantity.

  4. Come on Arsenal supporters f*** all these stupid uninformed comments. Yes Ozil is a amazing player you did well to beat Man united to him (what does this say about about Moyes?).

    Capoue is a tough athletic def mid and Ozil is a elegant skillful attacking midfielder you cant compare then.Its too early to say if Capoue is world class or not but he is better then Flamini and any def mid Arsenal have. Infact a team with our def mids and Arsenals attackin mid would be title winners.

    As for this match ,real football fans not just tribal ******s will admit Spurs have not gelled yet that’s not an excuse its obvious i Lamela looked like he still had his luggage in the dugout. So cool down a bit beating Spurs on the third game of the season aint anything special.

    By the way RB,everything you’ve said about AVB is the opposite of what he’s going for and a team with so many new players need some games to build that kind of telepathy that even lesser players at Arsenal have. Your obviously not a Spurs fan

    • You spuds are under the spell.capoue is gonna be world class,seriously?other than bale have u spuds ever seen a world class player play for you in years?so what is a good player to the others is world class to you.

  5. “None of the deals made by Spurs are even great”. Sorry? Really??! So Soldado, Paulinho, Lamela, Capoue and Eriksen are poor are they? Perhaps take another look at their recent performances and stats. As for Capoue, he is developing at a frightening pace and has the ability to be one of the best CDMs around. If he keeps this up, he will be ‘world class’… so lets say ‘potential world class star in the making’. Had he have signed for Arsenal, and you were in for him not so long ago, you would have been going nuts for him. But then he didn’t did he. Oh well. Always chopstick legs Diaby isn’t there.

    • Any player that signs for a team that plays in the europa league says how good he is.and we didn’t really want a player that can’t pass a ball.if by some chance diaby’s legs become real legs,capoue will never play for france again.

  6. Yeah,the defence that made your ‘only knows how to score from the penalty spot’ soldado cry.face it,we are WAY better than you.

  7. And are you going to use Özil in your less than world class defense ? ha ha. Panic panic panic.

  8. None of deals made by the spuds are even great,let alone world class.if diaby didn’t have chopstick legs,a player like capoue would never play for france.ozil is world class,capoue spuds class.what a joke!

  9. So according to you capoue is world class,that means ozil and capoue are in the same spuds are seriously £$%&£%£$.

  10. Capoue world class????????? You were joking right? There was only one true world class player signed in this transfer window by a club in north London and certainly wasn’t by sperz!

  11. The idea the players haven’t gelled is ludicrous in this case. We have a manager who is unbelievably negative and is more interested in possession than goals. At the slow tempo he insists on the new players will struggle. We have a great squad but need a manager who understands tempo and intensity

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