Premier League Prediction Challenge: Have a go!

Gameweek 11 :

FantasyYIRMA vs The Football Blogging Awards

Big thanks to @theFBAs for requesting to take us on this week – great site which you should definitely spend time on!

Northern Ireland Legend Keith Gillespie still tops our leaderboard with a fantastic 27points – Can he be beaten??

Play along in the comments section below by guessing your predictions and vote on twitter for either FantasyYIRMA or TheFBAs

Each week we will throw the Gauntlet down to a new Challenger and ask them to predict the scores from the upcoming Premier League Gameweek!

Simple enough rules:

We will keep a leaderboard running throughout the season and every week a different challenger will face off against FantasyYIRMA.


About the Challenger

WELCOME … To the Football Blogging Awards

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Awards are available in several categories so the best football blog in each category can be recognised.



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  1. AV – Cardiff 1-1
    Chelsea – W Brom 3-1
    CP – Eve 0-2
    Liv – Fulham 3-0
    South – Hull 1-0
    Nor – W Ham 1-0
    Tott – New 2-1
    Sun – MCity 0-4
    MUtd – Arsenal 1-2
    Swansea – Stoke 1-1

    I am voting in the @PremierLeaguePredictionChallenge for @FantasyYirma in the category of Best GW11 Predictions 😉

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