Liverpool vs Chelsea: Lineups

Team news available from 1:05pm depending on club announcement

Liverpool Team

Mignolet, Johnson, Flanagan, Skrtel, Sakho, Gerrard, Allen, Lucas, Coutinho, Sterling, Suarez


Subs: Jones, Toure, Agger, Cissokho, Alberto, Aspas, Sturridge


Chelsea Team

Schwarzer; Azpilicueta, Ivanovic, Kalas, Cole; Lampard, Mikel, Matic; Salah, Ba, Schurrle.


Subs: Hilario, Ake, Cahill, Van Ginkel, Baker, Willian, Torres






Recent Liverpool / Chelsea Posts


Liverpool must seize the moment, because who knows when it’ll come around again?

As you’re probably aware by now, Liverpool haven’t won the league title for 24 years, with their most recent success confirmed with a 2-1 win over Queens Park Rangers on April 28th 1990.

Raheem Sterling wouldn’t be born for another four-and-a-half years, Jon Flanagan for three, Philippe Coutinho for two and Jordan Henderson for another two months. Joe Allen was six weeks old, and Daniel Sturridge seven months.

No-one back then would have thought that Liverpool would still be waiting for another league title 24 years down the line, but then the same thing would have been said about Manchester United when they won the league in 1967. They had to wait until 1993 for their next one, and then it seemed like they never stopped winning for 20 years.

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Demba Ba deserves moments in the spotlight

Less is more, some say. It’s why there were only ever 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers and 14 of The Office. As another well-worn saying goes, always leave them laughing.

Sometimes though, just leaving them full stop is the best option.

Until recently, Demba Ba has been Chelsea’s best-paid supporter this season, the Senegalese forward afforded one of the best seats in the house as he got to watch Eden Hazard, Oscar and the like strut their stuff and make prolonged assaults on winning both the Premier League and Champions League.

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Brendan Rodgers has to be named Manager of the Year, whatever happens now

The man with a plan is often a difficult man to take to, so engrossed and devoted to his own ideas as to frequently border on arrogance.

When that plan goes wrong the man is often left looking foolish, too obsessed with himself that he can’t see the bigger picture, stuck in a rut, one-dimensional.

It takes great strength, then, to persevere with that plan, to see it through to the end and to both adapt and improve upon it. In the Liverpool renaissance being masterminded by Brendan Rodgers, that is exactly what we are seeing now.

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