And That’s a Wrap for Fantasy Football 2013/14

Another season has come and gone and for many, this means a painful 90+ days till the start of a new season!

For me it means I can have a lie in on a Saturday , so understand when I say I have mixed emotions at this time of year.


I think it’s fair to say that if you had told me that the site was still running almost two years after it started I would have chuckled immensely… but it has… we have… and as both the twitter account and website has continued to grow, it genuinely is a pleasure to be involved in the wonderful world of Fantasy Football.

The interaction online from #FPL fans across the world has been fantastic!

I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to say a few thanks to the people who have been involved from the start and those who have helped us along the way.

For those who have asked how we finished this season:


Both myself and Mark finished in the top 10k for the season which means that we both finished ahead of 99.7% of all 3,218,887 players in the game. Not bad eh?

I also have just noticed that when the season started for 2013/14 I was clearly too excited about picking my team that I forgot to design a kit!


For those that don’t know – the concept of FantasyYIRMA actually started back in 2006 when a drunken conversation back in Belfast around what to name our 6 person mini-league led to the following comment…


“I don’t give a flying **** what you call it, sure call it after yir ma”


I took this comment quite literally as you can probably tell but it wasn’t until 2012 when myself, Mark and Lamby decided in a bar in London that we could take this further. The Mini-league by this stage was up to 300 which without the addition of social media for myself at the time seemed huge.

So firstly, big thanks to @Mark_Jones86

Mark is a fantastic sports writer and one the most pivotal reasons why we have been able to grow the site. Every week he provides the FY preview in addition to a feature article which is read by 1000’s every week.

Genuine pleasure to know him and to be honest it is completely fair to say that the site would not function without him in its current form! Sharp, witty and original – if you have ever laughed out loud at a @FantasyYIRMA tweet – Mark may have staged a twitter takeover.

So in addition to the 76 Gameweek previews penned by Mr. Jones over the past 2 seasons and countless other “Off the Mark” posts and features, Mark has been a huge creative input into the site.


Secondly @Pedro_Lamb

Lamby has endured me talking nonsense about Fantasy Football now for more than 4 years so there is a big thanks owed just for listening to that. In all seriousness though he genuinely pushed the idea of a site through and played a huge role in where it is today.

In addition, Lamby actually introduced me to twitter and got me hooked – a sort of Social Media drug lord in hindsight now when I think about it.

Also – being a huge Derby County fan – Good luck Lamby in the Championship Play Off final. I genuinely look forward to you having a Derby #FPL captain every week next season if they make it to the Premier League.


Plenty of other thanks for the people who have helped us along the way.



Thanks to @ZOO for running a feature article on a weekly basis – a massive achievement for a small niche blog – you can read our final ZOO post of the season here




Thanks to both @Bet_McLean and @amcleanbookies for their continued support, promotion and of course the Prizes and Free Stuff we have been able to give away this season on a weekly basis!



rotoThanks to the guys in the USA from RotoExperts for featuring our content now for over a year and giving us a new audience across the pond


In addition to the countless people we have met along the way… here are just a few!

@EPLFanForLife, @FourFourTweet, @FPLHints, @NIGossipGuy, @KeithGillespie7, @AdamRichman, @FootieWriter, @CalleditFPL, @FFPundits, @BenDinnery, @Betfuze, @FantasyiTeam, @EPLStatMan, @Sportsvibe, @Backpage, @FootySays, @Copa90, @FitbaThatba , @theFBAs , @FootyGraphs, @Thatsagoal And many, MANY more.


To finish off this post I wanted to share my own #ScoreYIRMA of the season. Seeing FY grow over the last few years has been great – seeing FantasyYIRMA in 3 foot tall letters in the National Football Museum in Manchester was both priceless and hilarious for both Mark and myself when we attended the Football Blog Awards last November! Absolutely Great night!


And here are some of your Best moments (#ScoreYIRMA) and Worst moments (#SoreYIRMA) from #FPL across the past year- Feel free to comment below or tweet us with your own entries!

With that we draw a close on #FPL for the season. We will be less active on Twitter and the site over the next month as we recharge the batteries.


Thanks for the continued support,


ROLL ON #FPL 2014/15



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  1. What will you be doing for the Summer, articles wise…

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