World Cup Predictions – Have your say!

As a football fan, it is hard not to get excited right now…


With the start of the World Cup only days away, fans and punters are eagerly anticipating watching the globe’s best players go head to head for the greatest prize in football.

Sporting Index, the world’s largest sports spread betting company, have put together this World Cup Predictor highlighting their predictions for the World Cup, and presented it in this jazzy infographic for Brazil 2014.

Is a prediction of 158 goals across the 64 matches too high or too low?? Can the big names like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi fire themselves into the history books or will long seasons with their clubs take their toll and help contribute to a low-scoring competition?

There’s generally a controversial moment in World Cups centering on a red or yellow card and the traders are expecting the referees to issue 275 yellow cards throughout the action in Brazil – plenty of chances for controversy then.

Lets hear what you think?? Do you think the guys from Sporting Index are on the money.. or way off ? Drop a comment underneath with your thoughts!


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