1st Chelsea, 2nd Man City, 3rd Man Utd, 4th Arsenal : FantasyYIRMA Poll Results

For our Question of the day we asked our followers on Twitter how they thought the top 4 would look at the end of the 2014/15 Season

We’ve looked at just over 50 responses to get an idea of who people are tipping for the title and who will end up in the Champions League positions.

Given the signings made this summer, Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea are the most popular pick to win the league with 52% of voters selecting them in the number 1 spot.

Arsenal ran away with the 4th place prediction spot with 48% of all voters picking them to continue their recent trend of securing the final UCL spot.

How do YOU think it will pan out – Drop your predictions in the comments below



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Will any of the new Premier League additions make your team?? With Sanchez, Costa, Fabregas, Herrera and a host of other new signings make their way into your squad or will you be looking for a bargain or two??


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  1. johnfellajohnfellaz2014

    I go for
    1 Chelsea
    2 M united
    3 Man city
    4 Arsenal

  2. Akalin abishal

    I so much luv chelsea team.

  3. Chelsea 1st
    Newcastle 2nd
    sunderland 3rd
    Arsenal 4th
    i dnt tink man u nd mancity cn do anytin bcx dey ar going 2 end up in religation:-D;-)B-).

  4. 1st Arsenal
    2nd Chelsea
    3rd Man City
    4th Man Utd

  5. Abdulkadir Rasheed

    1st City,2nd United, 3rd Chelsea, 4th Liverpool

  6. 1.man u 2.chelsea 3.man cty 4.arsenal

  7. Arsenal,Man City Liverpool, United

  8. chelse, man city, man u, arsenal

  9. gutema dinkisa

    1.arsenal 2.man city 3.chelsea 4.liverpool then tot,eve,mutd…

  10. ibunwa ifeanyi

    1st manunited..,mancity …,chelsea…,arsenal

  11. John Chamoun

    1st: Man City

    2nd: CHELSEA

    3rd: Man United

    4th: Arsenal

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