The 5 Best Things About Premier League Week 1

Santi Cazorla Didn’t Vanish

So now we know. The vanishing spray doesn’t work on people.

Referee Jonathan Moss’s unfortunate case of premature e-spray-ulation didn’t result in Santi Cazorla disappearing before our eyes altogether, although his poor performance against Crystal Palace probably ensured that Arsenal fans wished it had.

Jordan Henderson’s Through Ball

The arc, the curve, the weight, Raheem Sterling’s finish, all were special, but what made Henderson’s role in Liverpool’s first goal against Southampton all the better was that he scrapped away for the ball in the first place, winning it and then getting his head up.

It was sort of ‘Terrier meets Artist’ and it was brilliant to see.


Christian Eriksen’s Disappointment

Forget about the fact that a pitch invader ran on to the Upton Park pitch and took a free-kick for Tottenham, it was the reaction of apparent teammate Christian Eriksen (top right) which was the real story here.

Did he think it was going in?


What Was That Going Into Ashley Young’s Mouth?

We’re now almost 60 hours on from one of the stranger things we’ve ever seen in the Premier League, and still none the wiser as to just what that was going into Ashley Young’s mouth.

Spit? Something dropped by a passing pigeon? The result of Louis van Gaal’s spleen being vented?

Answers on a postcard please. Or the comments section.


Lee Cattermole Did What?

For years we’ve just seen Lee Cattermole’s name flash up on out Saturday afternoon screens because he’s been sent off, and not for moments of genius like his goal against West Brom just five minutes into his new season.

If he really has started as means to go on then maybe a big move is in the offing? Man Utd? Nah, he’s probably too good…




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