Chelsea’s Ivanovic Shines again #ScoreYIRMA vs #SoreYIRMA

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Chelsea’s Ivanovic has been in point scoring form in the 2 games so far this season picking up a full 3 point Bonus allocation to add to the 2 Bonus points he got last week.


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Gameweek 2 – 23 Aug 11:30
23 Aug 12:45 Aston Villa Aston Villa 0 – 0 Newcastle Newcastle
23 Aug 15:00 Chelsea Chelsea 2 – 0 Leicester Leicester
23 Aug 15:00 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace 1 – 3 West Ham West Ham
Chamakh (2)
Downing (3)
23 Aug 15:00 Southampton Southampton 0 – 0 West Brom West Brom
Fonte (3)
Yoshida (2)
Wisdom (2)
23 Aug 15:00 Swansea Swansea 1 – 0 Burnley Burnley
Williams (3)
Taylor (2)
Dyer (2)
23 Aug 17:30 Everton Everton 2 – 2 Arsenal Arsenal
Naismith (3)
Monreal (2)
Ramsey (2)



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