Five reasons why Danny Welbeck can shine at Arsenal

New £16million recruit Danny Welbeck could be a gem of a signing for Arsene Wenger this season.



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Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere are now Arsenal and England team-mates

1. Age

Many consider Danny Welbeck a seasoned campaigner and the finished article, but realistically this couldn’t be further than the truth. At just 23, he has a wealth of Premier League and Champions League experience, but is only going to get better. Don’t forget Didier Drogba had a strike rate of 0.25 goals per game up to 23 years-old.


2. Position

Danny Welbeck has never been given a run of games as the main striker at his time at Manchester United, he is an able attacking winger, coming in from the left, but when he did play upfront, he managed a goal every 2.2 games compared to one in every seven out wide. The injury to Olivier Giroud gives Welbeck his chance as the main man upfront for Arsenal.



3. The Wenger effect


More often right than wrong, Wenger can see potential in players and he will enjoy working with the raw attributes Welbeck has. Thierry Henry played in the exact same position at Juventus, as Welbeck did at United, before becoming an Arsenal legend. Not saying Welbeck is the next Henry but there are a few similarities.


4. Point to prove

With a hefty reported £16million price tag, Welbeck will be keen show his worth from the off and pay pack the faith Arsene Wenger has put into him. From the outset, it looks like United have got rid of a fourth/fifth choice striker, but he’ll be keen to prove people wrong and show that United have released a regular goalscorer.


5. Familiarity

Welbeck has been around the England set-up for three year’s as has the likes of Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere, who he will be linking up with week in, week out. Arsenal have a strong core of British players amongst some dazzling foreign imports and when fully fit Arsenal have a very direct and quick squad which will suit his style of play.



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  1. Lets not hype him already.

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