Rank Mata vs Fabregas: New FPL management tool from Asliga!

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Fantasy Premier League management tools

Asliga.com is the new Fantasy Premier League kid on the block. Tired of trying to keep track of our statistics in Excel spread sheets, we sat down and decided to build the fantasy management tools we always wish we had. We’re so excited to be able to make them available to all FPL managers, so you too can climb your mini league ladder.



Here are a few features of Asliga we think you’ll love…


 1. View Player Statistics


Asliga gives you in-depth player statistics at the click of a mouse. You can click on a player’s name anywhere in the site to view all his stats, broken down into home, away and overall.

You can also view his upcoming fixtures, see a snapshot on how he compares to the players in your squad occupying the same position, and graph multiple statistics to see their relationship.

We also have a dedicated statistics page that allows you to select and view a wide range of stats, filtered by team, position and price to find the player who is the perfect fit for your squad.




 2. Compare players

How often do you find yourself needing to make a transfer but struggling to decide between two players? We’ve build a handy player comparison tool that, when signed in, allows you to compare any two players in a flash.

With a wide range of stats available, you can launch these comparisons whilst reading articles, working on your team line up, or perusing any of our other features. It’s super-fast and you don’t have to leave what you’re doing or open a new page.

You can also choose from a range of statistics to compare over gameweeks, to help you identify trends in performance over time.


 3. Explore club performance

Our Club Centre allows you to see just how well a particular club is travelling, view upcoming fixtures and the form of their opponents, and discover how players are performing within the context of their team.

Our colour wheel gives a unique perspective on the contributions of a player to his club and again, you have a large range of stats to choose from, allowing performance to become obvious.


In the below image you can see the contribution of Juan Mata between gameweeks 1 – 3, providing 21.1% of all Manchester United’s key passes.

The next image shows gameweeks 3 – 5, which are the weeks following Di Maria’s arrival. You can clearly see Di Maria has usurped Mata as Manchester United’s creative force, providing 28.1% of key passes and Mata not even making the list. These are the kinds of insights you can discover in the club centre.


4. Discover where you budget is working it’s hardest… and where it’s not.

We released a very early version of our My Team tool towards the end of last season. It’s back, and we think it’s better than ever. There are many things our My Team tool allows you to do, but in the interest of keeping it short I’m just going to discuss the Weekly Target function.

Basically, when you first import your team into Asliga, you set yourself a Weekly Target. This is your “par” score, or the minimum amount of points you would like to score each gameweek.

Then, based on this score and the value of your starting line-up, we calculate how many points each player must return, weighted by their market value to achieve your fantasy goals.

This is then compared to the average weekly score of each player, and the result is an excellent guide on who is giving you the most bang for your buck.


Of course, this is just a quick overview of the different things Asliga allows you to do. Our most important feature however, is that all our tools are integrated in one way or another. This gives you the ability to actually manage your team, continue a thought, make notes, plan ahead, pin players, compare to your squad and so on – so you’re not just looking in on all this information, but are actually able to do something with it.

We have two subscription options – a season pass at £15, or a monthly subscription at £3 per month, which is pocket change if you’d just like to try Asliga out for a few weeks.

A huge thanks to Ryan from FantasyYIRMA for allowing us this opportunity to introduce Asliga to you. We look forward to helping you produce those green arrows!

Follow us on Twitter @asligaOfficial. We welcome all comments, thoughts, suggestions and abuse!



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