Fantasy Football: Ever wanted to sub out Arsenal’s Welbeck for Sanchez mid game??

Over the festive period we will be showcasing some of the alternative Fantasy Football games. Please feel free to drop us your feedback on the games #XmasYIRMA

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FLIP Sports: Real-Time Fantasy Football…The New Way To Play


FLIP Sports is a new social and competitive fantasy football game that is looking to innovate how we enjoy and engage with live sport.


Played on mobile and tablet devices, FLIP Sports provides a real-time fantasy football gaming experience that allows you to experience the thrill and despair of real life football team management as events unfold live on the pitch.


FLIP Sports allows users to play who they want, when they want, and it requires no long-term commitment in order to play. Fantasy managers can go head-to-head with friends and foes or play in private and public leagues; the challenge in each scenario lasts for the duration of the live match and the winner is the manager with the most points by the final whistle.

Unlike traditional fantasy football, FLIP Sports uses a wide range of metrics to score the football players on every aspect of their performance. Your fantasy team consists of 6 players from the 22 on the pitch (with a minimum of two from either side) and are lined up in either a 2-2-1 or 2-1-2 formation. From kick off, points are then either awarded or deducted throughout the game for actions such as goals, shots, passes, clearances, tackles, fouls, yellow cards, etc., delivering a truly representative and live scoring system over 90 minutes.



Additional in-game strategy and social features enhance the interactive nature of the gaming experience. A fantasy manager can make team selection changes during the game so if a player gets injured or is performing badly, you simply substitute them out for someone else. A fantasy manager is also given one in-game booster per match which doubles the points score (plus or minus) of a chosen footballer for 10 minutes. The in-game messaging functionality allows you to chat with your opponents throughout the match with the ability to send virtual icons to spice up the banter.


Fantasy managers compete against each other for FLIP Coins, the in-game virtual currency, with overall leaderboards to see how they compare against friends and other users. Every user has their own profile statistics, trophy room and status rank based on their overall performance in the game giving plenty of opportunity to earn bragging rights over those you challenge.


FLIP Sports also provides in depth statistics and data on players, teams and matches, both in real time and over the course of the season and can therefore be used as a resource outside of game play for users to keep up to date with news and information on their favourite teams and players.


The game has recently launched and is available for free at the App Store – and on Google Play – It currently offers game play on all English Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches.


A preview of the game can be found at the link below:



If you enjoy playing fantasy football, watching live sport and competition against friends then this is the game for you and it’s a perfect companion to your season long fantasy league.


And exclusively for FantasyYIRMA readers, anyone signing up to the game using the promo code “YIRMA” will receive some extra FLIP Coins as a welcome bonus…giving you the chance to take down even more of your friends at a challenge.




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