The FFE £2500 Guaranteed Festive Challenge!

Over the festive period we will be showcasing some of the alternative Fantasy Football games. Please feel free to drop us your feedback on the games #XmasYIRMA


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Festive Challenge

The FFE £2500 Guaranteed Festive Challenge!


Here at Fantasy Football Exchange – or ‘FFE’ to our mates which, now that you’re reading this, includes you – we’re Fantasy Football connoisseurs.


It wasn’t always this way, though. We used to be satisfied with just playing the official FPL game, and making a piddly transfer or two each week. We used to be happy to put up with the strange bonus point allocations. We used to be content with playing only season-long competitions for NO money.


But then we realised we could improve on the official FPL game and make something better.


That’s why we created FFE – now the UK’s fastest-growing Fantasy Premier League game – where you can play in WEEKLY leagues for REAL CASH and experience that ‘first week of the season buzz’ every GameWeek.


Our game is easy-to-play, beautifully-designed and fully responsive, meaning you can play it from your smartphone as easily as you can from your desktop.


We’ve also recognised the importance of defensive midfielders and included them in our game, and our bonus points are allocated in a fairer and more transparent way – collating the player rankings from three national papers to give our overall marks.


That’s the spiel out of the way – what we’re shouting about today is our mega £2500 Guaranteed Festive Challenge, a month-long league which costs just £5 to enter.


And while it’s a guaranteed pot, the more of you that enter, the higher that prize fund will rise.


The rules are simple: the ‘£2500 Guaranteed Festive Challenge’ runs from GameWeek 17 – 20 (starting December 20 and ending after the New Year’s Day fixtures), and you’ll be able to make unlimited transfers between now and when the league starts. Once it’s underway, you’ll have FOUR transfers available in total.


Because we’re a generous bunch, it’s not a ‘winner takes all’ league, but one with a ‘sliding scale’ structure – so ALL the top finishers will scoop very healthy little prize pots.


If you haven’t already, sign up today. Alongside some of the most witty, entertaining and informative football scribbling on the net, every week during the season, we publish the team WE are picking for that week to our blog, and we’ll be releasing a special Festive Challenge piece with our line-up on FRIDAY.


So if you’re stuck for selection inspiration, we’re always on hand to help you win big. See you in there…




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