Put your Fantasy Football Skills to the Test!!

Top 20 Payout in this weekend’s £1000 Guaranteed League at          Football Fanager – One FREE ENTRY!

Good day to all FPL managers – We hope that your Gameweek 31 preparations are going well so far.

This weekend sees the FantasyYIRMA team entering the £1000 and £100 guaranteed fantasy football leagues at FootballFanager.com, as we strive to aim for a Top 10 placing in the £100 Freeroll and a Top 20 finish in the weekly £1000 Guaranteed league.


Our friends at FootballFanager.com are offering our UK users the chance to register for their FREE Football Fanager account and grab themselves 1 x FREE ENTRY in to the £1000 League this weekend –  This must be done before the 12:30pm deadline on Saturday the 4th of April so, don’t miss out!

The £1000 Guaranteed league will be played out over the 11 fixtures which take place during Gameweek 31 – Meaning, you need only select your best 11-man team for these fixtures and pick yourself a captain, who will score you double points, of course.


The beauty of playing Football Fanager is that you only play for the Gameweek, and not the season. This gives us more of a chance to win real cash, each and every week without having to manager one specific team throughout the course the season – After all, we spend enough time doing this on FPL as it is, so, this is certainly a breath of fresh air for the FPL community.

The Top 20 managers in the £1000 league will be paid out, with the 1st place prize being a respectable £250! For those of you who wish to to enter the £100 Freeroll League also, Fanager will pay out £10 in cash to each of the Top 10 managers!

To enter either of these leagues, simply sign up for your free Football Fanager account using the link below and hit the ‘JOIN’ button next to the £1000 and £100 league via their homepage. You can then create your 11-man team for Gameweek 31 and test your FPL skills against 100’s of other managers.

As mentioned above, we’ll be entering a team to both of these leagues so, come and take us on and may the best managers win.

Register for FREE at FootballFanager.com/register



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