Free to play Fantasy Football – Can Liverpool’s Sterling win you Sterling?

Test your FPL skills in the weekly £100 Freeroll at


Each and every week, more and more FPL and other fantasy football platform players are turning their attention to the upcoming world of Daily Fantasy Football, as they look to turn their FPL skills in to real cash.


Football Fanager is a fantasy football game which we play every weekend now, as it allows us to create an 11-man team for the Gameweek fixtures, with no season-long commitments. The team we pick each week will only last for the duration of the Gameweek; thus allowing us to pick an elite 11 without having to worry about transfers, substitutes or taking points hits to swap and change players.


This week sees us enter the Weekly £100 Freeroll for the 10 Premier League fixtures for Gameweek 35 – These fixtures will be played out between Saturday the 2nd and Monday the 4th of May. To enter this league and play against us, simply login or register for your free account at and click the join button next to the £100 Freeroll league. You’ll then be asked to select a formation, pick your best 11-man team for Gameweek 35 only and submit it! It’s as easy as that.


If you love FPL, then you’ll enjoy the Football Fanager concept as the scoring system works in a similar way, where points are awarded for goals, assists, clean sheets and several other situations.


It’s completely free to play in the Weekly £100 Freeroll, however, cash games are available for those who want to test their managerial skills against other managers.


Register for your FREE account at and get involved before Saturday’s 12:00pm deadline.




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