Banking on Arsenal’s Giroud to win Fantasy Football Cash!

With only 3 Gameweeks remaining, be sure to test your FPL skills at and win your share of the free cash!!



With the Premier League title already sewn up, there are clubs towards the bottom-end of the table who will be going all-out to score goals and pick up the vital points on offer to help their teams prevent the drop in to the Championship.

With this in mind, there could be many differential options for your Gameweek 36 fantasy teams this week, and this is where comes in to play.

Football Fanager is a daily and weekly fantasy football platform which offers weekly leagues, with no season-long commitments. Fanager allows you to pick what YOU think will be the highest scoring 11-man fantasy team for the weekend’s Gameweek 36 action, without having to worry about making transfers of selecting players for your bench.

This week, FantasyYIRMA will be entering both the £100 Freeroll and the £1000 Guaranteed league, with the latter paying out the Top 20 places with the 1st place prize being a cool £250 in cash. The Freeroll is completely FREE to enter, and Fanager will pay out £10 in cash winnings to those managers who finish in the Top 10.


With key players from certain clubs likely to be rested or rotated, picking a few differentials in your Gameweek 36 team might be the answer to guiding your Fanager to glory and landing in a cash place – But, what do we know? We’ll leave the team selections to you whilst we concentrate on picking out own 11…

Personally we’ll be looking to Captain Arsenal’s French Lothario, the walking posterboy for Brylcreem- Mr Olivier Giroud

If you’re new to Football Fanager, then be sure to check them out this weekend as there’s plenty of free and cash games on offer for those FPL managers who’re looking to earn some cash from their proven managerial skills.

Register for free at to get involved in the Gameweek 36 leagues, and may the best teams win!


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