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Fantasy Football Rivals – a fantasy football game to last the full season!


Launching for the 2015/16 Premier League season, there’s a new free fantasy football game designed to keep managers playing all season long. Fantasy Football Rivals (FFR) was born out of frustration with existing games where managers lose interest within a few weeks of the season start.

FFR combines the best elements of the traditional and draft/auction games to keep you playing right through to the end of the season. You will be able to tweak your squad throughout the season, but the player auctions and realistic transfer market mean other managers cannot copy your squad.

Kicking off on August 1st, managers from across the world will compete in an exciting online player auction to build their unique squad. How much would you pay for Rooney, Hazard, Aguero and co.?

Managers name their maximum price for star players and they get awarded to whoever is prepared to pay the most.  Every manager in the game will compete in one global auction for a limited number of each Premier League player – competition will be intense!

ffrb 1


By keeping star players in short supply, the transfer market is always entertaining. During mid-week, as well as those long international breaks, you can buy, sell and negotiate with managers outside your league to continue shaping your dream team. With all managers competing in a single arena, the transfer market is active and prices volatile. Pick up a pre-season bargain, trade at a price you choose and use the proceeds to invest elsewhere in your team. FFR brings the agony and elation of transfer deadline day to fantasy football!


Rivals is in the name and FFR means it! As well as competing in a global competition, you can intensify the rivalry by playing friends in a head-to-head league. Take the 3 points, make match days all the more exciting, and earn the all-important bragging rights!




The FFR auction starts August 1st – one week before the PL season starts – and all bids will need to be placed before the first round closes. With the free iPhone App launching imminently, FFR could be this season’s surprise package and is well worth a look.



Free UK Fantasy Football: unique squads with exciting online auctions, head to head fixtures, real transfer market; private leagues.


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