Could YOU be a Top Flight Manager like Mourinho, Wenger or Van Gaal??

By now you may have realised that at we are suckers for new Fantasy Football games… Someone builds them – we WILL play them.

The guys from Top Flight Manager have created a new game, free to play for everyone to try. First impressions are good – the game looks sharp and the interface is easy to use – We will be picking a team for Gameweek 2 and are looking to get your feedback on it also.

Give it a go and tweet us at @FantasyYIRMA with your thoughts on the game.

Read below for more details

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tf7We’d like to introduce the good people at YIRMA and their readers to Top Flight Manager, a new fantasy football game that incorporates all the features of fantasy football that we know and love but with some exciting new features.

 A completely distinctive transfer system


 So what is it exactly that makes Top Flight Manager an enjoyable game to play? Well, one of the game’s fundamental features is the way the transfer market operates. In Top Flight Manager, there really is just one Aguero and you will have to battle against other players to secure his signature.

The market works like an auction, as soon as one user bids on a player, the time starts ticking down and it is up to other users to table rival bids in order to secure their man. Some players may  large transfer fees whilst others could be available for bargain prices. The important thing to remember is that the £100 million budget needs to be spent wisely, rather than blowing it all on Eden Hazard.


The live transfer auctions mean that you’re directly competing with your opponents – before the football has even begun!

Introducing GameChangers…

As well as the innovative transfer market, Top Flight Manager offers another strategic feature that will make the game even more competitive. GameChangers act as bonus cards that can be played on your own team or your opponents’ squads. There are a variety of GameChanger cards that can provide a much-needed boost to your squad if you play them correctly.


For example, if there is a player in the side who is on an excellent run of goalscoring form and they are playing in an away fixture, the ‘Away Goals Rule’ GameChanger can be played. If the player scores away from home he will receive a double points boost.


 If you’re struggling lower in the league and you notice that your big-head of a mate is running away with things, you can really spoil the party by applying negative GameChangers that can exploit other team’s weaknesses. The ‘Diva’ GameChanger is a card that can be really effective. If a player fails to score in the game, the player will receive 0 points for that gameweek, meaning you’ll have some explaining to do if it pays off and your mate slips down the league.


Check out Top Flight Manager to see the variety of GameChangers that are available and pick your preferred options. Use them wisely and show your mates that when it comes to the Premier League, nobody is as clued-up as you.

Get ready to play

At Top Flight Manager you can play for as long as you like, whether that’s one gameweek or the entire season. All you need to do is pick which game you’d like to enter and then you can start assembling your squad in our live transfer market. Public leagues are available to enter but there is also the opportunity to create private competitions as well.



Top Flight Manager is forever free to play and we are aiming, as fans of fantasy football, to make a good game even better.


Try it out for yourself at Top Flight Manager and let us know what you think by following us on twitter @TopFlightFC





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