Man City’s Yaya couldn’t save me this time: The IEFSA -Gameweek 3 Results

In addition to playing the official Fantasy Premier League game, FantasyYIRMA are taking part in The IEFSA draft league now in its second year.

It’s essentially a bunch of genuine Fantasy Football (Soccer) experts from America who have taken advantage of my limited draft knowledge to con me out of top players… but it’s for charity – so it’s ok 😉

Check @The_IEFSA out on Twitter and give them a follow – you can get involved in playing also – see the link below

R @FantasyYIRMA


Gameweek 3 was full of excitement in the IEFSA as a fantastic back-and-forth between @RotoWireAndrew and @BenDinnery highlighted the week. The week closes with @cjradune still atop the table. @nikarg is new to the Top-4 as he is one of three remaining undefeated teams. For a complete rundown of the standings go here or visit our website.

If you are interested in competing against the experts and would like to hold the title of World Champion, be sure to check out our qualifier league. It is a one week competition in which the Top-3 finishers earn promotion to the exclusive Challenger League (a mirror image of the Expert League; the Top-4 finishers in the Challenger League will compete against the Top-4 teams from the Expert League in a “Champions League” showdown). The Challenger League is simple, fun, exciting, and challenging! Select who you think are the best 9 players (3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 1 forward, 1 outfielder, 1 goalkeeper) and see how you do against the rest of the world.


Another three teams can qualify during the one-week Gameweek 5 Qualifier League. Sign up today at Fantrax to begin your journey!

As an added bonus for our second qualifier of the season, we are giving away an additional prize. The team that comes in first place overall will win an authentic autograph! To enter go here and use the following to start your journey to FPL glory!

League ID: 2015 QL2

Password: IEFSA2


u1 u4 u3 u2


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