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Fantasy Football Mini-League Round up

Get the beers in @K3LVIN… You’ve won… 🙂

It was a cold night in January when I received a text asking “Have you seen the Premier League website… check the status page”

Curiosity got the better of me and I had a look. The mini-league was ranked 5th in the world! When the curtain came down on gameweek 38 we were delighted to see that the FY league had finished in 3rd place globally!

BKsGttTCAAAaiNeThis is a million miles away from when we started a mini-league with a couple of friends a few years back. This wouldn’t be possible without the great support that everyone has given the both the site and twitter account this season.

It also would not have been possible without the exceptional players we had in the league this year.

Massive congratulations to Kelvin Travers @K3LVIN  who won the £ 50 Cash prize on offer from the FY mini-league.

Kelvin had a fantastic season and finished 2nd in the World!! A superb accomplishment I am sure you will all agree.

Kelvin led the way for large parts of the season and missed out on the top spot by only 2pts.

Below is the top 10 from the FY mini-league – some ridiculously good performances this year and many thanks to the 1000+ players who signed up to play this season.


The prize for the mini-league is £50 cash. When we confirmed @K3LVIN had finished 1st he has generously asked us if we could donate the prize money to a charity of his choice. An extremely kind gesture from Kelvin and one we were happy to be part of.

We spoke to Candlelighters and are delighted to help raise awareness for a great cause.


“Candlelighters is delighted that your winner Kelvin Travers ( @K3lvin ) has donated his prize money to help fight children’s cancer in Yorkshire.
When a child is diagnosed with cancer, lives are turned upside down in an instant. Not just for the child but for their parents, siblings, family and friends. Priorities change and everyday concerns suddenly seem trivial. Getting well again can be a long and challenging journey, physically, emotionally and financially. Helping and supporting those children and their families is why Candlelighters was formed more than 40 years ago and it is why we are still here today.

Every penny helps. If you would like more information please visit our website

FantasyYirma Promote: & Balls to Cancer


Here at Fantasy Yirma we are happy to feature and promote new sites and feature articles from readers.

With that in mind we have created a page dedicated to promotion of #football related sites, tools and apps. It doesn’t stop there, if you would like to promote your blog or website or even if you have an article idea you would like us to feature contact us at or on twitter @fantasyyirma.

This week we are pleased to feature, an independent website for football fans searching for Sports Memorabilia. The site is run by Marcus @fantasyfootie1 and a percentage from each sale go to his selected charity – @BallsToCancer. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about the Sports Memorabilia site – but also provide the details and a brief overview on BallsToCancer. A great charity cause to follow and one that Marcus and the FantasyYIRMA team are proud to support.


The footie-store website is the home of authentic hand signed items of sporting memorabilia. In addition we have also teamed up with a professional caricature artist to provide artistic items with a unique twist.
Firstly, we can source everyday and also unusual items of sporting memorabilia all which is sources from reputable contacts and comes complete with full certification of authenticity.  The other side of the footie-store website is that we offer a unique professional caricature service.
People simply can send over photos of themselves or a friend or loved one and tell us what sporting scenario they would like to be produced in and we’ll do the rest.  Many sites will offer this service where you can send a photograph to be sketched but its then normally produced alongside a standard template.  We market ours on being a 100 % unique service and are proud of this.
Finally, most importantly is that each sale of either service will mean a donation is made to the cancer charity – Balls To Cancer A charity that is such a worthy cause and one we are proud to be connected with.
Marcus ( @fantasyfootie1 )

Check out the website at

Marcus and Ronaldo




BallsToCancer is a great charity raising awareness for male cancers. Please visit the site and get involved if possible.

Many Thanks,

Ryan @fantasyYirma


Here’s what @ballstocancer had to say,

We are Balls to Cancer and it is our aim to fight cancer with fun! We are raising funds for male cancer awareness, education and research.

Our aim is fourfold….

Firstly we are spending time and money on a nationwide (and in some cases worldwide) awareness campaign through the media, Social networks, leaflets and posters. To try to make both men and women more aware of the dangers of cancer and to help men, help themselves.

Secondly we want to open a male only contact point for men, boys who have been diagnosed with cancer or are worried about cancer and their families.

Thirdly we are funding an education programme for teenagers to help them understand and take away the taboo of talking about testicular cancer and asking for help. We are currently setting this up with our own local authority with the hope of going nationwide next year.

Finally we want to fund research into treatments and ultimately a cure for this horrible disease, we will be talking to Oncologists and hospitals to ascertain which laboratories are the ones we should be funding. We have already given money to many research projects and hospitals such as Birmingham & Brunel Universities and The Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Our fundraising events range from Races to football matches, climbing mountain to bungee jumping. We aim to raise as much money as we can doing fun exciting things which all the family can get involved with.

200,000 men are diagnosed a year with cancer in the UK, killing 10 men an hour.

Visit the site and get involved at

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