THE IEFSA: ROUND 4 REVIEW – Newcastle’s Cisse should’ve Saved me


The International Expert Fantasy Soccer Association (IEFSA) is a professional fantasy soccer organization. IEFSA strives to provide league members with all the experiences and emotions of a professional club owner or manager to create a fun and challenging atmosphere. Unlike the standard FPL game, each player can only be owned by one team. Experts bid on the players preseason and in-season with the highest bid winning the player. With a set amount of funds, fantasy managers have to be smart with how they spend their money as they apply their own value to a player rather than it being determined for them. In addition, teams are able to sell/trade during the in-season transfer windows to either improve their squad or increase their bankroll for this season and beyond.

The Expert League consists of 16 of the best and most popular fantasy experts in the industry competing head-to-head for a specific charity or youth organization. Follow along as they test their skills against the world’s best in order to support 16 worthy causes.

You, also, have the ability to get involved. Earn promotion by competing in one of our open invitation Qualifier Leagues. To do so, you must compete in a one-week competition where you select who you think the top players of the week will be with no salary limitations. Not only will you earn an invite to the Public Challenger League, but you could also take home a signed picture of one of the Premier League’s top players (the gameweek 5 winner will take home a signed Oscar picture). Once you have been promoted to the Challenger League, you will compete head-to-head (similar to the Expert League) against 15 other qualified managers. Here you will be fighting your way to a Top-4 finish in order to earn a spot in our season-ending Champions League. The Top-4 teams from the Challenger League will compete against the Top-4 teams from the Expert League as we determine a FPL World Champion!

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To begin your journey to FPL glory and for your chance to win great autographed merchandise, follow <a href=”!First-Qualifier-League-Announced-for-Gameweek-1/ccrb/55a106ad0cf25b8bf7e68c56”>this link</a>. Use League ID: 2015 QL2 and Password: IEFSA2 to get signed up today. The next qualifier league will begin September 12 (Gameweek 5).



U4 U3 U2 U1


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