Cup Final!! PunditsCupYIRMA

Evening folks and welcome to the FINAL of the #PunditsCupYIRMA organised in Partnership with the good folks at @FFPundits



Hazenfrog Ke Sepahe (LINK)


WhatSchlupp? (LINK)







  1. Congrats on making the #PunditsCupYIRMA final! Looks like you’ve been having a great season so far with an impressive OR rank. What’s been the secret to your success so far and what’s been your biggest high and low point to the season so far?


: Thank you very much and congratulations to you guys as well for putting up a great FPL competition for us lot to enjoy. It is certainly turning out to be a great season for me after quite a bumpy start, to be honest.I believe what helped me most during this fine run was the competion I faced.

What better than “FPL Banter” for motivation and I had that thing going on with a friend of mine especially in the second half of the season. Then came along Pundits Yirma Cup which provided an even more competitive platform making the FPL ride more enjoyable.Although I always follow my guts when it came to making decisions but the guys at @FantasyYIRMA and @FFPundits certainly make it easy for you with their impeccable FPL insight and it certainly helped me as well.

Biggest low Point to the season:- Benching Mahrez in those few Gameweeks.After around 16 gameweeks and I am still feeling the effects of it. Would have easily been in top 10k had I jumped on the leicester bandwagon soon enough. 😉

Biggest High point to the season:- Harry Kane.Hardly let me down!

I research fixtures and decide which teams I need players from. I will always try to spend a good part of the early season building my team value to make it easier in the later weeks.

It was tough at start of season for most managers with so many big names not performing. To be honest, it took me a few weeks to trust those that didn’t come with the price tag.

Biggest #FPL high this season has to be when Captain Aguero demolished Newcastle with 5 goals!! Glorious! (Ed #ScoreYIRMA)

Biggest low would probably GW 1+2, a lot of summer planning down the drain and missed points on my bench.


  1. As we enter GW33, do you still have your Wildcard/any chips available?

Hazenfrog: As of now I have 2 Chips available-Triple Captain and Bench Boost (ED -Triple Captain has been played on Lukaku)

:  Wildcard is active for GW33 J and planning on Bench Boost for GW34 and Triple Captain planned for GW37

  1. With the final of the cup falls on a double gameweek. Have you a strategy in place to maximise for the upcoming weeks or will the cup final affect your transfers this week?


Hazenfrog: The Double Gameweeks are a real FPL pain, isn’t it? And in my case, with Pundits Yirma Cup on the line, it was even worse.Regarding my strategy,I did decide to give priority to the cup rather than DGW’s 34 etc. but I did find a balance so that one doesn’t mess up the other.As far as transfers for GW 33(Cup Final) and GW34 is concerned, I have no room for change.All of it was decided when I played my second wildcard for GW 32(Cup Semifinal and it worked) and yes I know everyone is using their second wildcard for GW33 and triple captain Aguero for DGW34.So boring! Haha! 😉 Not me though because it’s not every day that you find yourself in a cup final. :p


: A bit of both to be honest. I’ve got an eye on my opponent. Looks like my opponent used his wildcard last week so I’m guessing there could be a chip played.  However I’m determined to finish as high as possible and GW34 is massive in my overall strategy





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