Mahrez to Arsenal or Chelsea?? Who Cares! He’s in my Fantasy Football Team

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Welcome back!! It’s been a great summer of sport but let’s be honest. There’s only so many hours you can watch handball in Rio or cricket, anywhere, and pretend it makes you happy. Sure, FPL is an abusive relationship and you’re pretty sure it will never change but it’s better than the alternative so bring on the misery!

DEFENDER: Hector Bellerin, Arsenal


For any new readers to FantasyYIRMA, I assure you I normally pick a few differential players, and look into upcoming fixtures and form but let’s not mess about. You need a defender, you’re going to spend some money, let’s just put Hector Bellerin in now and be done with it. We don’t need to tease, I’m not Simon Cowell and 31% of you already agree with me…

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