Fantasy Champions League: Quarter-Final Preview “This is going to get Messi”

Fantasy Champions League:

Quarter-Final Preview “This is going to get Messi”

Written by @seffa121


People have been wondering. Folks have been pondering.

“How will UEFA do it this time?”


They’ve been torched for their apparent favoritism towards Barcelona against PSG game & their decisions in Real Madrid’s win against Bayern last night.

All eyes will be on the referees tonight in Barca’s second attempt to turn the tables. “Barca need to score three goals against a side better than them? Hold my beer,” the UEFA referees are (apparently) thinking.

FIFA & UEFA are BOTH colluding on this one


Maybe, just maybe, the players will have to win this one themselves…**GASPS**.

I don’t know of any referee fantasy football games, but if you’re playing fantasy Champions League tonight, here’s the five players you should be choosing.

A friendly reminder of how much Barca & Real hate each other


  1. Lionel Messi

Yes, SNORE, obvious choice. Sometimes though, we forget his incredible stats.

11 goals from 31 shots (34% conversion rate) & two assists in 720 minutes of Champions League football.

Oh, and he has an 81% pass success rate.

And two Man of the Match awards.

So yea, he’s pretty good.


2.) Neymar

He’s been an assist king recently (remember that floating cross he gave for the winner against PSG…or was that the ref?)

Eight assists in eight starts, plus four goals from 17 shots (23% conversion rate).


3.) Paulo Dybala

Which one is Messi? (Ed: The one on the left that looks like Messi and has “Messi” on his shirt?)


“People have to know that I’m not Messi. I am Dybala & I want only to be Dybala” said Dybala in a shocking case of identity fraud.

It’s true, Dybala is not Messi. I’ll prove it. He’s scored less goals (four) and no assists in the Champions League this season.

However, his goals have come where it counts, and two of them might be the ones to see them to the next round. Expect him to add to the tally tonight if Barca play an open attacking game.

4.) Ousmane Dembele

Dembele telling his striker where to go if he wants an assist

Give this man a ball & he’ll give you an assist. Five in the Champions League so far to be precise. Along with two goals.

A king of key & deep passes, get this man in your team if you want points.

5.) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The most beautiful sounding name for a footballer. Should have been an artist. Some would say he is an artist, on the pitch (cheesy I know).

Pierre (he sounds more mystical when called by his first name) has scored seven goals so far in the Champions League & one assist.

Good luck out there.


Yousif Al-Dujaili is head of growth & community at Dribble, a one day fantasy football game where users bet on their teams.



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