Meet The Gaffers…

Craig Hazell

Craig is a TV professional, writer and Heart of Midlothian fan who specialises in 90s pop culture, puns and of course football. As a student, he won the BBC Sports Broadcaster of the year and Comedy Broadcaster of the Year and now writes about anything from food & football to movies and TV.

2015/2016 Tip: George Friend – Middlesborough conceded the least for two years running in Championship. Friend will start every game and isn’t scared of an assist. A great squad option.

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Ash Kernsworth

Ash is an app developer, FPL expert and West Ham fan who specialises in board games, quizzes and exaggeration. He is a former top 100 ranked FPL player and is The Gaffer Tapes resident number cruncher. His statistical approach to the game often puts Tom & Craig to shame and when he’s not ordering Bailey’s & Cherryade he’s taking 7 hours to do his lineup on a Saturday morning.

2016/2017 Tip: Andre Gray – He tore up the Championship last year and has the potential to ‘do a Vardy’ this year.

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Tom Holmes

Tom is a standup comedian, writer and Arsenal fan who specialises in Danny Dyer impressions, England circa 1996 and mythical wildcats. He is a regular on the London comedy circuit and his 2014 Edinburgh Festival show was a huge success with the Daily Mirror calling him “well worth watching”. Tom is also a novelist, writer and lover who has developed quite the reputation for singing a made up jingle on the spot.

2016/2017 Tip: Callum Wilson – Was going to be a sensation last season, but injury stopped him. Now everyone seems to have forgotten about him!

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