Fantasy Football: Season Preview featuring Liverpools Djimi Traore and Bargain Picks

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Fantasy Premier League: The Return

Written by @NiallHawthorne

Well thankfully THAT’S over…I have a particular kind of hate for a non-tournament summer. It drives a man to do some strange, terrible things. I even found myself cheering on the bloody egg-chasers in New Zealand for crying out loud, and the less said about Wimbledon, the better (at least that’s what my legal advisors told me to say…)

Anyway, we’re now on the verge once more. Thirty eight glorious Fantasy Football Gameweeks stretch out ahead of us like a glistening oasis at the edge of a barren football-free desert, offering hope, inspiration and undoubted paranoia, rage and despair, but you wouldn’t swap it for anything, right? (Ed: I’d swap it for many things)

As ever at the beginning of August there are so many questions. Therefore many of us are walking around looking like Donald Trump when he’s asked…

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