Ronaldo, Messi and Flamini in the same team?? FINALLY!

Always happy to showcase new talent on the site. Check out @MyGreatest11 on twitter and online at and you can read more about them below.

If you would like to showcase your football related work feel free to email me at

I’m gonna spend the rest of the day deciding which global football superstars will make My Greatest 11 alongside the one, the only… Mr. Mathieu Flamini

We are a small start up business with a passion for football and design.
Like Most football fans debate continues as to who or what was the greatest team.
We have produced this site which allows football fans to create their own
Greatest teams. Which you can do using our hand illustrated digital shirt designs.
These are digitally print and delivered to you. So who would be in your team?

On the site currently you can request shirts you want to see on the site,
See who people are choosing by looking at the Most Wanted section and
If you create a team and either share or purchase your team we will add it
to the teams section on the site. We really hope you can support us so we
can grow the site more and add more new features. Thanks MG11


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