World Cup Preview – Group C – France, Denmark, Australia, Peru

Bang Average World Cup: Group C Preview

Written By MikeP
Odds To Win

France: 6/1

Australia: 750/1

Peru: 200/1

Denmark: 80/1



With an abundance of talent in the squad, France are rightly one of the pre-tournament favourites and group C shouldn’t pose any major problems, despite a mixed qualifying campaign. Denmark represent the biggest group stage threat, but it’s at least a style and group of players they are familiar with. Peru represent a less familiar opponent and should push Denmark in what will likely be an open group, especially if underdogs Australia can sneak an upset at some point.

It is impossible to talk about this Group without highlighting that the wonderful, the majestic, the awe inspiring and @FantasyYIRMA favourite Mr. Nicklas Bendtner has been ruled out of the World Cup. It is a cruel, cruel world in which we live. Last we heard Ryan was seen with his head in his hands asking “Why to bad things happen to good people??”

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If listening to a load of random blokes talking ill-informed nonsense about football isn’t your thing you can still go pure old school and read the full Group A-D previews below also

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