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Football related Car Commercials – how bad could they be??

Football and wheels – is there a better combination of hobbies for men? Possibly, but while you are thinking about it, here is a fun list of curious football-related commercials sponsored by leading car manufacturers.


Let’s start with something quite nontraditional – famous football players who are taking ballet lessons. Yes, that actually happened and it actually worked out pretty well, too. Citroën, an official sponsor of Arsenal since 2008, and in 2012 it was high time they got some publicity for that. The DS5 make was released under the motto “The Refined, Redefined” and it was presented to the world in a rather unconventional TV commercial.

Four Arsenal players – Wojciech Szczesny, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alex Song and Bacary Sagna were shown dancing ballet next to professional ballerinas. You’ve got to check it out below – Clumsiness Level: 9000. Favorite moment – when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain seems to intentionally pick up the tutu of one of the dancing ballerinas. On another shot you can see Alex Song wandering how he is to repeat a complicated set of steps .By the end Wojciech Szczesny makes a quite elegant jump. Who would’ve guessed? As Jules Tilstone, the Marketing Director at Citroën UK, put it: “With this project, we wanted to take their top-class footballers, renowned for their refined style of football, and put them into a new environment that would redefine their sporting talents.” I really hope that Citroen DS5 does not redefine refinement in a similar fashion! Jokes aside though – good job Citroen for a funny and catchy commercial.


Having seen a European car commercial, it would be interesting to compare it to an Asian competitor. In 2010 Hyundai was a sponsor of FIFA World Cup. Thanks to the leader in the advertising business M&C Saatchi, the South Korean car company released very intriguing short TV series on ITV. The clips were replaying the highlights of the football games with the main characters being replaced by Huindai vehicles. The “wheelball” look of the short broadcasts was rather weird though the spots were fun and well-made.

Again for the 2010 World Cup Hyundai signed with another advertising agency called Innocean.  The promotional campaign included both print advertisements and TV commercials. The latter became very popular mainly for their insightful approach towards admiring the football fans’ dedication and loyalty. The first one: Die Hard accents on the true commitment to the game. Quoting directly from the ad:

“Most soccer fans are loyal to the day they die… Some like to take it a bit further…”

The second ad Baby Name focuses on a happy baby girl father who harbors a true passion for the game and for his favorite team.


The final football commercial in this list is an amazing modernistic ad of Mercedes Benz A-Class. A great execution, fantastic idea and splendid special effects; starring the German national football team. A class performance, enjoy!

If you know of another football related car commercial drop the link in the comments below… I’m expecting a Va Va Voom link from someone!!

GUEST POST:  By David Drasnin

David is a freelance writer sharing a passion for great movies, cars and of course football! Always keeping busy and active David is currently  engaged on multiple large projects including working with .

If you know of another football related car commercial drop the link in the comments below… I’m expecting a Va Va Voom link from someone!! #FY

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