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The #FY Top 5 for GW8, including Santiago Vergini and, hang on, Marouane Fellaini does play for Man Utd?!

Vergini’s Vision

What was it Martin Tyler said when another Argentinean, Sergio Aguero, scored another pretty famous Premier League goal?

“Just watch it, drink it in! You’ll never seen anything like this ever again!” Quite.


Tweet of the Week

This cannot possibly backfire.



Nope. Not going to backfire at all.

Three minutes later… By the way, seeing the words ‘Fellaini Blind’ next to each other on a scoresheet might explain a few things since he’s joined United.



Mad Mario

Balotelli isn’t even bothered here. It’s Lallana who I feel sorry for.


Oscar Worthy

Who needs Diego Costa? Well, all of us, clearly, but still. This was nice.



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