Fantasy Yirma: Winner’s Insight !!

In the past 3 seasons of official fantasy football game Tom K has been exceptionally consistent. 3 top 10,000 performances culminated last year with an unbelievable finishing place of 204th with a massive points tally of 2306. 

Let’s put this in perspective people 204th out of 2,500,000+ is not bad at all!!!

We wanted to put Tom on the spot and ask him for some insight on how he manages his teams – he did not disappoint. Here are his thoughts on how to go about looking after your fantasy team and maximising opportunities….

The guys from Fantasy Yirma asked me to write a few notes about how I play the game (and somehow managed to gain top spot in their league last season and the crisp £50 that comes with it!) so here is some insight into how I did it.

Fantasy Premier League veterans will learn nothing new here, and those who take massive selection gambles will be disappointed, but sadly the best way to mini league glory is often the slow and steady approach.

With Gameweek 1 being so important to a Fantasy season, the best piece of advice would be to not leave team selections until Saturday 18th August. Anyone who played last season will know the shambles that took place from about midday on the Friday before kick-off when the FPL website imploded leaving many with skeleton teams. Do not make the same mistake again!

More seriously, I haven’t scouted too many players in detail so I won’t mention specifics as the Yirma boys do a fine job of that themselves.

I am a hugely conservative player so most of what I am about to write is common sense but as that often goes out of the window in Fantasy Football selection, here are a few random thoughts:

  • 1. Pick players who start for their clubs. Easy. It’s a squad game and you should make the most of all 15 spots (with the possible exception of second keeper if you have a top quality option as first choice). There are base price options in defence and midfield so if you are looking at this range ensure the guys you are going for actually start.
  • 2. Don’t make transfers based purely on price rises/falls early in the week. It is so much more important to have a full strength team rather than an extra 0.1 in the bank, and the risk with an early transfer is that if anyone else is struck down or goes missing then you might be tempted to take a points hit to make amends. Which leads me on to…
  • 3. Points hits are often unnecessary. You get a free transfer every week so points hits should only be used in exceptional circumstances. I took two last year and by having a full squad to pick from it’s easy to avoid. Rolling transfers over and using two free transfers at a time is far more sensible.
  • 4. Forward Planning. Make transfers with the next five or six gameweeks in mind. Look at fixture schedules to make sure you will be happy with the player for a number of weeks as other priority transfers will crop up all the time.
  • 5. Don’t waste the wildcard! I used mine along with many others in Gameweek 36 last season and it made such a difference in getting over the line. Some will argue about getting a bit of extra cash by using it early but for me it isn’t worth it. Save it for the winter or spring and you won’t regret it. Using it for Gameweek 2 is a colossal waste, you have had all summer to tinker so put that itchy trigger finger away.
  • 6. Let new players Settle. Let players adjust to the league before taking the plunge. Having a midfield of Hazard, Kagawa, Michu, Cazorla and Holman might be end up being incredible but have a couple of safer picks alongside the new boys just in case they are bedded in slowly by managers or don’t fire from the start. By all means if you like the look of them (I certainly do) then have a couple but remember they are a risk.

Good Luck!!


Big thanks to Tom for taking the time to submit this post. Best of luck this season – but let someone else win! 😉

To join the free Fantasy Yirma mini league on the official premier league game follow this link. Remember Free to Play … £50 to the winner!! What’s to lose??

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  1. You need to ask Tom to pick one of the new signings…… Hazard, Kagawa, Cazorla, Podolski or Girioud….

    all of them cost more or less the same. Im torn between Hazard and Kagawa…..

    • Should probably get a proper account on here but I wanted to get a reply out asap so will sort it later.

      Hi Salahuddin. With the RVP news things have been shaken up quite a bit. United’s attacking force is unbelievable now but it also means Rooney, RVP, Kagawa, Nani, Valencia, Young, Welbeck, Hernandez are all fighting for the same few spots. As a result I wouldn’t be looking at United to start until things become a little clearer.

      I really like Cazorla but I can’t help but feel that Giroud might be a fantastic purchase now. With all these creative forces behind him, surely he cannot fail to have a great season? I am very tempted to start with him up top with so little competition for his place.

      • Yes Tom – get a proper account – Good to have you onboard!

      • Damn – Salahuddin made me think somone was calling my dad!! Thanks for the tip. Im still going to wait and see on Girioud. Dont like the Arsenal schedule for the first 10 games…but then what good is asking for advice if not taking it!!

        Girioud it is!!!

      • Pressure is on Tom already! 🙂 ha

      • I think Giroud will be a big success this season but wait for team news before sticking him in from the off. He didn’t have a full preseason so it may be safer to go for one of the other new boys at Arsenal or Bent/Jelavic and then move to Giroud onc ehis fitness and position become apparant.

  2. Big thanks to Tom for this contribution, much appreciated

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