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Fantasy Football GW37: Nothing but BONUS points!!

Nothing but BONUS points!!

GW37 Is done and dusted and we have only one week left.

As usual we take a look at the bonus points allocated by the Official game.

Do you agree / disagree??

Who was overlooked? Who got Bonus points and left you scratching your head thinking …How??

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In the Tuesday night games Santi Cazorla had the sort of game FPL managers remember for years with the Spaniard managing all FOUR assists in Arsenal’s 4-1 win which sees Wigan relegated only days after their magnificent FA Cup win.

Despite this Podolski’s 2 goals trumphed Santi’s 4 assists with the German striker getting the 3pt bonus allocation.

Mancini didn’t win anything for 12 months and as such was sacked. Harsh? Certainly in my opinion. Without him City had a decent 2-0 win against Reading with Aguero and Dzeko getting the goals. Special mention to Reading keeper who not for the first time this season came out of the game with double figure number of saves.

Silva takes the maximum 3pts with Auguero not far behind on 2.

Lampard got the maximum bonus for Chelsea against Villa and fair play to him for breaking the Chelsea goalscoring record. Fantastic goal record that many top forwards would be proud of!

Dempsey took the maximum for Spurs in their match up against Stoke with Adebayor receiving 2, to be completely fair this could have been swapped around and no one would have questioned it in my opinion.

Mirallas continued his great form for Everton and gets the max bonus allocation.

Suarez who?? Sturridge has really stepped up in the absence of the feisty Uruguayan and takes home 3 bonus points to sit nicely with his 3 goals against Fulham.

Howson and Snodgrass share the spoils with 3 bonus points each for Norwich in their 4-0 rout against WBA.

On a memorable day at Old Trafford, match winner Rio Ferdinand takes the 3 bonus points as Manchester United gave Sir Alex a great send off with a 2-1 win against Swansea.

Elsewhere Adam Johnson and Gouffran took the maximum spoils for Sunderland and Newcastle respectively.


11 May 12:45 Aston Villa Aston Villa 1 – 2 Chelsea Chelsea
Lampard (3)
Hazard (2)
12 May 13:30 Stoke City Stoke City 1 – 2 Tottenham Tottenham
Dempsey (3)
Adebayor (2)
12 May 15:00 Everton Everton 2 – 0 West Ham West Ham
Osman (2)
Mirallas (3)
12 May 15:00 Fulham Fulham 1 – 3 Liverpool Liverpool
Coates (2)
Sturridge (3)
12 May 15:00 Norwich Norwich 4 – 0 West Brom West Brom
Howson (3)
Snodgrass (3)
12 May 15:00 QPR QPR 1 – 2 Newcastle Newcastle
Coloccini (2)
Gouffran (3)
12 May 15:00 Sunderland Sunderland 1 – 1 Southampton Southampton
Johnson (3)
Lambert (2)
12 May 16:00 Man Utd Man Utd 2 – 1 Swansea Swansea
Ferdinand (3)
Van Persie (2)
14 May 19:45 Arsenal Arsenal 4 – 1 Wigan Wigan
14 May 20:00 Reading Reading 0 – 2 Man City Man City
Silva (3)
Aguero (2)

FPL: Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla – Differential Potential?

Many thanks to Inside FPL for this great post which looks at why Santi Cazorla should be considered for your FPL team. Check out Inside FPL on twitter @insidefantasyPL . You can also sign up for their free FPL weekly newsletter delivered directly into your email address. Click their logo at the bottom of this article for more information.

Santi Cazorla – Differential Potential?

A lot has been made of midfielders through this season’s fantasy football campaign, with 5 players in particular dominating manager’s selection thoughts – Bale, Mata, Michu, Fellaini and Walcott.  But there is a 6th player who, whilst not exactly under the radar,  has not grabbed the imagination as much as the others, is actually the 3rd highest scoring midfielder in the game, and 5th overall.  He’s also as nailed on as anyone in Arsenal’s starting lineup,  In this article we take a look at the Arsene Wegner’s £16m summer signing from Malaga,  Santiago “Santi” Cazorla González, review his fantasy form, and prospects for your team through to the end of the season.

Cazorla was immediately handed the advanced role in the midfield three, ahead of the double-pivot  typical now in the modern 4-2-3-1.  He made a big impact as soon as GW3, with 2 goals away at Liverpool and 13 FPL points.  At the time Arsenal were receiving plaudits for a new found defensive resolve and his Anfield brace came on top of him topping the key pass and shooting charts.  A real prospect then, and with a home clash against promoted Southampton ahead the transfers soon flowed in.  Almost 100,000 managers brought in the Spaniard for GW4 but despite a 6-1 thrashing of Southampton Santi registered just a single assist.  He bounced straight back though with an assist and 2 bonus points away against Man City and followed that up with 3 goals in his next 7 games, including goals in games against Man Utd and Tottenham.

Cazorla really garnered full-on fantasy attention though with a hat-trick and assist in a 5-2 away win at Reading, scoring a whopping 23 points, the second highest single GW score this season, behind Walcott’s 26.  This did come in the middle of an a lean spell though, just the one, albeit a big one, goal-scoring performance in 10 games. With his hat-trick haul still fresh in the mind though and a double gameweek on the horizon Cazorla’s ownership peaked up at 21% but despite a fairly decent return during this time 5% of managers have since got rid, driven mainly due to some scintillating performances by team-mate Walcott, plus the form and opportunities of alternatives in Gerrard and Bale.

The  infographic below shows Cazorla’s form, which we measure by comparing the number of shots he takes from inside the penalty box with how many shots in the box Arsenal have.  We can see that Cazorla’s form basically tracks Arsenal’s.  If his team do well, so does he, if the team are struggling, so does he.  He doesn’t carry the team and dominate, like Bale does, or Ba did for Newcastle.  He doesn’t produce something out of nothing a la Van Persie..  He’s had a real slump through January too, scoring just once and averaging only 3 pts/game in that time, but as can be seen he’s got himself back involved in Arsenal’s attack now, and the goals and points have returned.


So, what are the prospects for Santi from now through to the end of the season?  Well, we imagine it’ll be business as usual,  but without the winter slump, averaging about 6-7 points per game through to the end of the season.  This places him behind Bale, and indeed behind Walcott, but level with the likes of Mata and Michu.  He’s significantly less owned though than all these other players, who are all 25-30% except for Michu who is almost at a staggering 50% now.  Arsenal also have a tempting set of fixtures to come after their GW29, playing Reading, Norwich and Wigan at home, and Fulham and QPR away, plus another double gameweek, making Cazorla a massive differential captain option through that stretch. Keep an eye on his price, he could be just the player to make the kind of difference that counts.

By @InsideFantasyPL


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Fantasy Football: The “must have” Midfielders !

There is a wealth of information out there now related to Fantasy Football. The good news is that so much of it is well worth a read when considering changes for your #FPL squad. This article is no exception, a fantastic guest post from @fpl_mentor on the Midfielders your team needs to be thinking of! The link at the bottom will take you to the original article. Highly recommended.

As always if you have an article you would like to feature on FantasyYIRMA email Ryan at or contact us via twitter @FantasyYIRMA to discuss.

Must Have FPL Players – Midfielders

If you’ve been following my team over the last few weeks, you’ll know that I used my January wildcard in GW22. One of my main objectives was to come out of DGW22 and DGW23 not only having exploited them as much as possible, but also to end up with RVP and my dream midfield.I say my dream midfield, but it’s turned into somewhat of a template midfield in FPL terms – the Magic 5 of Mata, Walcott, Bale, Michu and Fellaini.

Having said that, the player with the lowest owned % of the 5 is Gareth Bale at 16.7% so that’s the absolute maximum % of FPL managers who have this midfield. Realistically it’s more likely to be closer to the lower end of the 5-10% range at most, if even that, so it’s not quite as common a 5-man midfield as you may have been led to believe.
So why is this 5 so special then? What makes them the ‘Magic 5’?
Let’s have a look at some of the important figures – minutes played, total points scores, and most importantly in my opinion, the number of points they score per 90 minutes played.

I’ve taken the 10 highest scoring midfielders so far this season so you can see how the Magic 5 compare to the other 5 that make up the top 10. The following table shows all 10 listed in descending order according to their total number of points. Ignore the 2 columns on the right for now, I’ll get to those shortly.
% of teams
owned by
Minutes played
Total points
Points per 90
minutes played
Value for
The ever-consistent Juan Mata leads the way on this one, as you probably already know. This is just so you can see who makes up the top 10 more than anything. You might have expected the Magic 5 to be filling the top 5 spots but this isn’t the case, with Cazorla, Gerrard and Hazard joining Magic duo Mata and Michu in there while Magic trio Walcott, Bale and Fellaini only only take up places 6, 7 and 8 in this rankings table.
So why aren’t Cazorla, Gerrard and Hazard in the Magic 5 then? Don’t they deserve to be if they’ve score more points than Walcott, Bale and Fellaini??
Link to original article to Read more »

#FPL Insight: Mata vs. Hazard by @shots_on_target

#FPL Insight Mata vs. Hazard by @shots_on_target

Big thanks to Yirma regular @shots_on_target for a great insight piece – to view more of his articles check his site at
There’s been a fair bit of discussion lately about Chelsea’s midfield  pair of  Juan Mata and Eden Hazard and this article reviews their form and fantasy impact to date.
Eden Hazard exploded into life as an FPL fantasy asset, with 6 assists and a penalty goal in his first 2 games against Wigan and Reading. Subsequently he saw his ownership increase to 32% and a price rise from the standard elite midfielder price tag of £9.5m up to an on-form Van Der Vaart-esque £10.3m.  He was the leading pick in Fantasy Football Scout’s Captain Poll for GW7 and returned this faith with a goal against Norwich.
Juan Mata, on the other hand saw a drop in ownership and price due to a withdrawn role, playing in the ‘double-pivot’ position in the opening games.  In this position he pulls the strings from deep, orchestrating play, but is much less involved in the finishing off of attacking moves.

This is clearly represented by a comparison of both players attacking stats from the first two gameweeks with Hazard earning an average F.SCORE of 46 compared to Mata’s 26.

                                                                                                                  Fig1.  Mata vs Hazard (GW1-2)
It was well documented that following a summer at the the Euros and the Olympics with Spain that Mata was in need of a rest, and he missed out in GW4.  On his return to the Chelsea line-up though, Mata was returned to one of the 3 attacking midfield roles and his performances have again caught the attention of fantasy managers with a goal and 4 assists in three premiership appearances on top of 2 Champion’s League goals.
For gameweek 5 through 7 Mata and Hazard have returned near identical performances in terms of their underlying data., with both registering an average  F.SCORE of 44, Mata slightly edging it by 1 key pass.
Fig.2.     Mata vs Hazard (GW5-7)
Although both players have performed equally overall It’s worth taking a closer look however at each player’s consistency through this period. Here’s a look at their F.SCORE for each of their fixtures to date.
It’s quite a limited sample size, particularly since Mata’s change in position, but there are a few patterns to pick out here.  Firstly Mata’s form and involvement are increasing game on game, whereas Hazard’s is not .  Mata looks to be the more consistent of the two.

Hazard on the other hand appears more capable of a higher score in any given gameweek, and you can regard him as the more “explosive” of the two.  However, it’s possible he could be a bit of a flat-track bully, or even a home ground player, only really excelling in the two fixtures so far  It’s notable he had pretty quiet games in gtougher fixtures against Stoke and Arsenal.
Both players are capable of returning FPL seasons in the 175 point region.  Mata is the more consistent of the pair and the one more likely to return points through a tougher spell of fixtures, especially with his share of free-kicks and corners.  Hazard is the better pick for easier fixtures and a better captain option in these circumstances.It depends on what you are looking for from your elite midfielder.  For me, I would expect consistent returns week on week despite the opponent, rather than an occasional big returns against weaker opponents.  In this respect Juan Mata would be my pick of the two, especially ahead of the Chelsea’s upcoming  fixtures, and at a considerable £1.4m discount.

Some words of caution though, Mata’s skill-set may see him pulled back into the deeper playmaker’s role in the absence of either Lampard or Ramires , whereas Hazard is clearly suited to the advanced role, plus looks to be on penalties after Lampard.   Also, Hazard is obviously new to this division since a step up from the French League and he may still be finding his feet.
Own Mata through a trickier spell of fixtures or for the longer term but pick up Hazard when the league’s minnows pay visit to Stamford Bridge.

To see @shots_on_target follow this article up with some further analysis with Cazorla and Bale visit his website at

Fantasy Yirma: Winner’s Insight !!

In the past 3 seasons of official fantasy football game Tom K has been exceptionally consistent. 3 top 10,000 performances culminated last year with an unbelievable finishing place of 204th with a massive points tally of 2306. 

Let’s put this in perspective people 204th out of 2,500,000+ is not bad at all!!!

We wanted to put Tom on the spot and ask him for some insight on how he manages his teams – he did not disappoint. Here are his thoughts on how to go about looking after your fantasy team and maximising opportunities….

The guys from Fantasy Yirma asked me to write a few notes about how I play the game (and somehow managed to gain top spot in their league last season and the crisp £50 that comes with it!) so here is some insight into how I did it.

Fantasy Premier League veterans will learn nothing new here, and those who take massive selection gambles will be disappointed, but sadly the best way to mini league glory is often the slow and steady approach.

With Gameweek 1 being so important to a Fantasy season, the best piece of advice would be to not leave team selections until Saturday 18th August. Anyone who played last season will know the shambles that took place from about midday on the Friday before kick-off when the FPL website imploded leaving many with skeleton teams. Do not make the same mistake again!

More seriously, I haven’t scouted too many players in detail so I won’t mention specifics as the Yirma boys do a fine job of that themselves.

I am a hugely conservative player so most of what I am about to write is common sense but as that often goes out of the window in Fantasy Football selection, here are a few random thoughts:

  • 1. Pick players who start for their clubs. Easy. It’s a squad game and you should make the most of all 15 spots (with the possible exception of second keeper if you have a top quality option as first choice). There are base price options in defence and midfield so if you are looking at this range ensure the guys you are going for actually start.
  • 2. Don’t make transfers based purely on price rises/falls early in the week. It is so much more important to have a full strength team rather than an extra 0.1 in the bank, and the risk with an early transfer is that if anyone else is struck down or goes missing then you might be tempted to take a points hit to make amends. Which leads me on to…
  • 3. Points hits are often unnecessary. You get a free transfer every week so points hits should only be used in exceptional circumstances. I took two last year and by having a full squad to pick from it’s easy to avoid. Rolling transfers over and using two free transfers at a time is far more sensible.
  • 4. Forward Planning. Make transfers with the next five or six gameweeks in mind. Look at fixture schedules to make sure you will be happy with the player for a number of weeks as other priority transfers will crop up all the time.
  • 5. Don’t waste the wildcard! I used mine along with many others in Gameweek 36 last season and it made such a difference in getting over the line. Some will argue about getting a bit of extra cash by using it early but for me it isn’t worth it. Save it for the winter or spring and you won’t regret it. Using it for Gameweek 2 is a colossal waste, you have had all summer to tinker so put that itchy trigger finger away.
  • 6. Let new players Settle. Let players adjust to the league before taking the plunge. Having a midfield of Hazard, Kagawa, Michu, Cazorla and Holman might be end up being incredible but have a couple of safer picks alongside the new boys just in case they are bedded in slowly by managers or don’t fire from the start. By all means if you like the look of them (I certainly do) then have a couple but remember they are a risk.

Good Luck!!


Big thanks to Tom for taking the time to submit this post. Best of luck this season – but let someone else win! 😉

To join the free Fantasy Yirma mini league on the official premier league game follow this link. Remember Free to Play … £50 to the winner!! What’s to lose??

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