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Michu’s Successor

by @Fplmaestro


Swansea manager Micheal Laudrup watched his opposition draw to the now former champions Manchester City 0-0 on Saturday and revealed he now has no option but to field his squad without his top scorer and currently most selected FPL player, Michu.

The Spaniard has managed to net an impressive 21 goals from the midfield position during an absolutely immaculate first season in English football and has gained several plaudits with his ‘Magic touch’ and not to mention has been one of the bargain buys of the season being signed by the Swans for only a fee of 2 million pounds! However, he had to be withdrawn during the second half of the league game against City carrying a hamstring injury. In his post match press conference Laudrup said-  “He has a hamstring problem. I am not sure if he has torn it but even if it is less than that, this will be his last game of the season”

It’s now nearly the end of a stressful season of FPL and the last thing that we that we could have possibly asked for is yet another injury to our long list of woes! And I’m sure the vast majority of you are already considering who to bring in for GW1, of next season, however it’s time to focus on the present and attempt to replace the lad, which is not going to be an easy task given the fact that he’s currently the cheapest FPL attacking player on the dream team! However, it’s a task which simply cannot be avoided.

What to consider from the players you pick-

Towards this stage of the season, consistency is only a minor aspect to consider! The main reasoning one should be putting in before making any changes at this moment of time is if the player has relatively easy fixtures in the up and coming 2 GW’s and that is mainly what the list below is based on!

Players you should consider-  

Going through the list of possible midfield options within  £1.5M of Michu’s current value, I have picked the following players as potential options to replace the Swansea talisman from now up until the end of the season-


Santi Cazorla-

Yet another Spaniard who’s endeared himself to his team’s fans is Santi Cazorla, having hit the ground running in his first year in English football, acquiring an impressive 12 goals and 9 assists for the Gunners since joining at the start of the season , he looks more than capable to add to his tally and help his team secure a place in the top 4! However, a recent slump in form has seen several FPL managers part company with him causing his price to drop considerably from £10.1-£9.5 Million, fixtures do look to be in his favor playing Newcastle and Wigan, both in the relegation scrap, which could really benefit those who do choose him to be the one to replace Michu.


Eden Hazard-

Eden Hazard is one of the latest Belgian success stories in the premier league.  Having such an immaculate start, his drop of form in the middle season was rather disappointing, however he has recently been on an impressive run of form and could be the right man to join your FPL team as his next games are to Aston Villa and Everton. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him rack up a descent tally of points and finish the season in style!


Theo Walcott-

Walcott has had his best season in Arsenal colours, being the clubs top scorer and even being compared by his manager , to a certain French lad who wore the infamous number ’14’ on the back of his shirt! However, his injury and slight dip in form has seen his price fall down to an extremely attractive £8.8m at the moment he’s on a half descent run of form. He finishes this season playing Newcastle and Wigan, which are must win games for the gunners if they are to stand a chance of finishing in a Champions League positions and he could, yet again, step up to the plate and be a vital part of his teams ambitions of finishing in the top 4!


David Silva-

Yet another one of the several Spaniard to have graced the premier league, is David Silva despite not reaching the standards he had managed to set for himself last year, in a rather dismal season he might well be finishing the season in flying colours! Despite the fact his City have had a rather poor season and have nothing much really left to play for in the league, they finish this season playing Reading and Norwich. Now priced at an descent £9.2M I’d be surprised if Silva didn’t hit some big points for your FPL team and help City secure that 2nd place position.


By Dean Jones (Flickr: Coutinho Goal) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Dean Jones (Flickr: Coutinho Goal) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Phillipe Coutinho-

Philippe Coutinho has been an instant success at Anfield since joining in January.

The Brazilian international, has lit up Liverpool‘s side with attacking flair and has managed to build a stunning partnership with both Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in only three months. However, with Suarez injured himself and Sturridge will have to rise to the occasion for Liverpool and will have to be key in their goals of finishing in a Europa League place! He even comes at a mouth watering £6.7m and could be set to light up your FPL teams finish to this season.

Many thanks for reading my guest post on, feel free to give me a shout if you’ve got any queries in choosing between the bunch or anything FPL related on twitter  @Fplmaestro Hopefully we all have a stunning finish to brilliant season.

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FPL: Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla – Differential Potential?

Many thanks to Inside FPL for this great post which looks at why Santi Cazorla should be considered for your FPL team. Check out Inside FPL on twitter @insidefantasyPL . You can also sign up for their free FPL weekly newsletter delivered directly into your email address. Click their logo at the bottom of this article for more information.

Santi Cazorla – Differential Potential?

A lot has been made of midfielders through this season’s fantasy football campaign, with 5 players in particular dominating manager’s selection thoughts – Bale, Mata, Michu, Fellaini and Walcott.  But there is a 6th player who, whilst not exactly under the radar,  has not grabbed the imagination as much as the others, is actually the 3rd highest scoring midfielder in the game, and 5th overall.  He’s also as nailed on as anyone in Arsenal’s starting lineup,  In this article we take a look at the Arsene Wegner’s £16m summer signing from Malaga,  Santiago “Santi” Cazorla González, review his fantasy form, and prospects for your team through to the end of the season.

Cazorla was immediately handed the advanced role in the midfield three, ahead of the double-pivot  typical now in the modern 4-2-3-1.  He made a big impact as soon as GW3, with 2 goals away at Liverpool and 13 FPL points.  At the time Arsenal were receiving plaudits for a new found defensive resolve and his Anfield brace came on top of him topping the key pass and shooting charts.  A real prospect then, and with a home clash against promoted Southampton ahead the transfers soon flowed in.  Almost 100,000 managers brought in the Spaniard for GW4 but despite a 6-1 thrashing of Southampton Santi registered just a single assist.  He bounced straight back though with an assist and 2 bonus points away against Man City and followed that up with 3 goals in his next 7 games, including goals in games against Man Utd and Tottenham.

Cazorla really garnered full-on fantasy attention though with a hat-trick and assist in a 5-2 away win at Reading, scoring a whopping 23 points, the second highest single GW score this season, behind Walcott’s 26.  This did come in the middle of an a lean spell though, just the one, albeit a big one, goal-scoring performance in 10 games. With his hat-trick haul still fresh in the mind though and a double gameweek on the horizon Cazorla’s ownership peaked up at 21% but despite a fairly decent return during this time 5% of managers have since got rid, driven mainly due to some scintillating performances by team-mate Walcott, plus the form and opportunities of alternatives in Gerrard and Bale.

The  infographic below shows Cazorla’s form, which we measure by comparing the number of shots he takes from inside the penalty box with how many shots in the box Arsenal have.  We can see that Cazorla’s form basically tracks Arsenal’s.  If his team do well, so does he, if the team are struggling, so does he.  He doesn’t carry the team and dominate, like Bale does, or Ba did for Newcastle.  He doesn’t produce something out of nothing a la Van Persie..  He’s had a real slump through January too, scoring just once and averaging only 3 pts/game in that time, but as can be seen he’s got himself back involved in Arsenal’s attack now, and the goals and points have returned.


So, what are the prospects for Santi from now through to the end of the season?  Well, we imagine it’ll be business as usual,  but without the winter slump, averaging about 6-7 points per game through to the end of the season.  This places him behind Bale, and indeed behind Walcott, but level with the likes of Mata and Michu.  He’s significantly less owned though than all these other players, who are all 25-30% except for Michu who is almost at a staggering 50% now.  Arsenal also have a tempting set of fixtures to come after their GW29, playing Reading, Norwich and Wigan at home, and Fulham and QPR away, plus another double gameweek, making Cazorla a massive differential captain option through that stretch. Keep an eye on his price, he could be just the player to make the kind of difference that counts.

By @InsideFantasyPL


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