WARNING: Arsenal Player Selected in Preview

Gameweek 29 Preview: Fantasy Premier League #FPL

Written by John Wallin @FantasyGaffer

Written by @FantasyGaffer


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Your friendly reminder that GW29 is just two short weeks from GW31 and in GW31 there are 10 teams currently blanking which will likely become 12 as Spurs match gets rescheduled to accommodate their progression in the not-Camelbrau Cup. The eight which will likely still play? Bournemouth, Palace, Everton, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Stoke, Watford and West Brom. So while we’re high on some players this week and next, paying a penalty to get them in will be doubly painful when they blank in two weeks.

Defender – Ben Davies, Tottenham

Spurs are facing Huddersfield just days after collecting the 6-1 win over Rochdale in the Cup. Trippier and Rose were the pairing for that one so it’s likely we see Aurier and Davies back in the League XI. 21% selected is a tough way to move up in your league and Spurs will have a blank GW31 but stating his this week then selling ahead of the blank is the smarter play. Keep in mind, holding Davies may not lock-in a DGW down the road with Pochettino prone to drastic squad rotation down the stretch and Rose is back to and fit. One last good match to go out on.

Midfielder – Riyad Mahrez, Leicester

90′ and 2pts for Mahrez in his return to the starting lineup. Before his strike, the former Player of the Year had posted just two blanks in 11 matches as he scored six  goals with four assists in that span. 8.5% owned with a live ownership number much lower and Mahrez is one to own for GW29-37 with only the GW38 clash with Tottenham looking daunting. He might not be playing the foil to NGolo Kante’s defensive force but he can still drive the attack behind Jamie Vardy. On Bang Average we’ve kept the faith with him and expect a handful of goals and assists in the final 10 matches. At £8.7m he’s pricy but as close to a guaranteed return as you can get in FPL.

Forward – That’s boring! You’re boring everybody! Quit boring everyone.

Let’s play ‘guess the most selected captain this week in no particular order’. Oh, do they all play forward? What’s that? Mo Salah is a “midfielder”? This game is dumb. If you want a non-boring choice at forward simply because you’re probably well aware of the many amazing matchups in GW29 we cordially invite you to an intimate evening featuring Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. He is 4.8% selected and just missed a penalty at home against Man City forever solidifying that yes, he does play for Arsenal now. He’s only got one goal in his first 270′ but he is going to destroy the next six League opponents: Brighton (a), Watford (H), blank, Stoke (H), Southampton (H), Newcastle (a) and West Ham (H). Plus he might get a DGW one of those weeks which will feature a trip to Leicester. Buy in now. Sell Kane. Live a little.

Captain – Roberto Firmino, Liverpool

Firmino is a frequent name appearing in these columns and with good reason – 4g, 2a, 8BPS in the last six weeks alone. When Mo Salah faces Newcastle, ‘arry Kane gets the Terriers and Kun Aguero plays a porous Chelsea side. That last one isn’t tongue in cheek – Chelsea conceded seven times against Bouremouth and Watford in GW25-26 and choked away an early lead against United last weekend. But this is abut Bobby, first of his name, purveyor of the no-look goal. 13 goals, 7 assists and 26BPS have him poised to finish a close third in total scoring for forwards while costing a fraction of Kane/Aguero. Plays LFC’s cup woes mean he’ll play every week for the rest of the season.

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