Tips out for Yirma…

Gameweek 2:


1.  Newcastle to beat Chelsea 11/2 LOST BET

2. Everton to beat Villa 7/5 WON BET

3. Southampton to win by exactly 2 goals 5/1     LOST BET 


1. QPR to beat Norwich 11/5 LOST BET

2. Defoe to score at anytime 5/6 LOST BET

3. Arsenal to beat Stoke 11/10    LOST BET


1. Norwich to beat QPR 11/8 LOST BET

2. Villa v Everton Draw 9/4 LOST BET

3. Swansea to beat West Ham 23/20 WON BET

FY Tipster Challenge

Here within the Fantasy Yirma administration team, we like to pretend we have money. With that in mind we have devised a FY Tipster selection competition.

The loser from the Admin team at the end of the season will pay the £50 prize fund for the mini league!!!

FY Tipster GW1 Spend GW1 Return Total Spend Total Return  % Difference
@pedro_lamb £30 £0 £30 £0


@mark_jones86 £30 £0 £30 £0


@ryano83 £30 £32.50 £30 £32.50



Each player must place 3 £10 bets (Monopoly) per gameweek. (singles only)

The bet can be on any individual result/market/outcome with the only proviso being that you must stipulate the odds at time of selection submission and it must be from the same odds provider.

In practice this means your 3 £10 bets can be across 3 fixtures or 3 markets within one match.

We challenge everyone to make 3 selections also and we will include this in our table. Make your selection in the comments below.

Get your tips out for Yirma!!!


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