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With the Premier League making way for International fixtures this week we are pleased to bring you a Guest Post from is an International football rating site based on the fans’ voting that indicates public rankings of footballers, clubs, leagues, national football teams and much more. Latest football news and user blogs cover most football events in the world. Footballtop.comYour vote can make a difference!

EPL football clubs rankings according to supporters

Latest EPL news have not had significant impact on current rankings of the clubs. The most powerful sides stay in the top of the list. Let’s take a look at fans’ attitude towards EPL clubs according to – international football rating based on the fans voting.

Chelsea are the leaders of the chart with their 5036 votes. Chelsea reaches first place among EPL fans with their skillful roster of young players. The total value of the team is defined as sixth in the world, so it’s no wonder supporters gave 5036 votes for the club. The other source is believed to be the new interim manager Rafael Benitez, who took over Roberto Di Matteo. The players have already proven the glorious status in tough Champions League final, where they outlasted Bayern Munich at Allianz-Arena.


Going almost heel to heel with the leader, Manchester United gets the premium second place with 4938 votes. This glorious club has already proven to be an English football powerhouse, lately due to the distinctive work of Alex Ferguson. After an epic win of the European Cup in 1999, the club has been a favorite of any competition. That success was followed by a number of domestic titles, as well as another Champions League title in 2008. Wayne Rooney is fans’ favorite with his impressive 2550 votes. He is also one of the most popular football players in January 2013.

Liverpool rating is almost twice as low and amounts to 2567 points. Five victories in the Champions League (the European Cup) as well as three successful UEFA Cups have proven the quality of the Reds. The main power of the team these days is their manager Brendan Rodgers who is doing his best at improving the team’s performance. Despite broad criticism for diving, the Uruguaian forward Luis Suarez has found his predatory striking force. Veteran Steven Gerrard keeps inspiring his less-experienced teammates.

Despite struggling to reach the Champions League spot for the next season Arsenal remain in the 4th place among English clubs according to FootballTop ranking (1468 votes). Quite astonishingly, Andrey Arshavin with his 764 votes appears to be the great source of team’s popularity. Despite lacking silverware in the recent years Arsene Wenger still enjoys the Arsenal Board’s trust and faith of supporters.

The last but not the least on the list is Manchester City with its 367 points. The rating of the club has been quite steady over the recent months. However despite a last-gasp win of the Premier League in 2012 Manchester City still have a lot to prove to football fans. The English champion has been humiliated on European arena for two consecutive years.


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