Arsenal’s Giroud leads the FPL line : Nothing but BONUS points!

Gameweek 3 finished on Sunday and following the excitement of deadline day yesterday there will be an International Break now before the FPL returns on September 14th.

So you can take a breather now!

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Here’s a run through of the Bonus Points from Gameweek 3. We spoke last week about the prominence of the defenders in the allocation of bonus points and with 8 of the 18 teams in action registering a clean sheet it was a similar story again for GW3.


A similar theme with more than 50% of the total allocated bonus points going to the defenders. With only 13 goals across 9 Premier league matches at 1.44 Goals per game we are a long way off the average of 2.81 from last season.

Surely there is a goal spree on the horizon for Gameweek 4 ?

bonus total

Overall the total allocation table only really highlights the dominance of the defence again coming in with more than 50% of the allocation.

There has been a lot of talk about a potential switch to  a 4 or 5 man defence for your FPL line up however I think it is worth pointing out that the Premier League has been remarkably consistent with the average goals per game ratio over the past 4 years being 2.79, 2.80, 2.81, 2.81 meaning that the chances are high that we will eventually see the defensive flood gates opening and an increase in goals.

So, having harped on and on about defenders it is Arsenal’s Giroud who leads the way with total bonus points of 7 so far. While I wouldn’t call him a magnet yet, the arrival of Ozil will surely provide the Frenchman with more than a few opportunities.

As I’ve said – identifying trends with only a few sets of data is always going to be inconclusive… but for us #FPL fans it grabs our attention.

Keep in mind – Of the top 15 players allocated Bonus Points in the first 3 weeks…. 10 are defenders

Bonus Point table

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Gameweek 3 – 31 Aug 11:30
31 Aug 12:45 Man City Man City 2 – 0 Hull City Hull City
Zabaleta (3)
Yaya Touré (3)
31 Aug 15:00 Cardiff City Cardiff City 0 – 0 Everton Everton


31 Aug 15:00 Newcastle Newcastle 1 – 0 Fulham Fulham
Coloccini (3)
Yanga-Mbiwa (2)
Ben Arfa (2)
31 Aug 15:00 Norwich Norwich 1 – 0 Southampton Southampton
Bassong (2)
Redmond (3)
Fer (2)
31 Aug 15:00 West Ham West Ham 0 – 1 Stoke City Stoke City
31 Aug 17:30 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace 3 – 1 Sunderland Sunderland
Gayle (3)
Fletcher (2)
01 Sep 13:30 Liverpool Liverpool 1 – 0 Man Utd Man Utd
01 Sep 13:30 West Brom West Brom 0 – 2 Swansea Swansea
Davies (3)
Hernández (2)
01 Sep 16:00 Arsenal Arsenal 1 – 0 Tottenham Tottenham

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