FPL Weekly Round Up: Arsenal’s Bendtner playing for Northern Ireland?

We’ve been Busy this week, all our featured articles are linked below. Scroll down for the GW4 Preview link.

It’s been a long 2 weeks but the Premier League is finally back!!

The headline may sound random… stay with me though..
Thankfully the International’s have been and gone and good riddance to them. Luckily for us- that’s it now till Brazil 2014, no more International football nonsense for a while…Wait…What…?

There’s another international break in 4 weeks? SERIOUSLY?!?

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight at times when International football is concerned, although every once in a while an International game will catch (and keep) my attention.

Which leads me on nicely to Northern Ireland v Portugal at Windsor Park last week. 3 Red cards, 6 goals.. Plenty of action.

There are few things in the world of fantasy football more exciting than your defender getting a goal. Mine got two last week.. Big Gareth McAuley scored against Portugal and a “consolation” goal against Luxembourg also.

There had been a few pints on the eve of the Portugal game, I may have even have nudged the guy beside me in the stands and said ” I’ll take those 6 points”  before realising International goals don’t count in #FPL… (Rough Night)

Following this there was a rousing rendition of that age old classic chant ” You’re Just a sh*t Keith Gillespie” aimed at Ronaldo.

Welcome to Belfast Big Lad!

Welcome to Belfast Big Lad!

In hindsight this wasn’t a great idea, and the crowd decided that after CR7 got his hat-trick we could probably stop goading him.

The game got us thinking though-  how many Northern Ireland players currently ply their trade in the Premier League and more importantly could we make a team of them in #FPL??

Well I tried – god knows i tried…

Short answer is 9 players…6 of them defenders and a potential formation of 6-2-0…

2 players short and no proven goalscorer… I’m getting flashbacks of the Portugal game as I type this!

Picture this in #GAWA green!!

Picture this in #GAWA green!!

So in the Spirit of goodwill I’ve decided that Robin Van Persie’s Grandfather was from Belfast and he is now magically available for selection. You may think this is unfair and I agree so I’ll take Bendtner also to even the quality distribution. Technically he has sort of represented Republic of Ireland before in a competitive match (and Denmark more than 50 times) , but since this has descended into a farce already I will overlook it!


Representing Ireland..Sort of…

Bottom line is – it is impossible to create a Northern Irish #FPL team without a certain degree of creative thinking and/or blatent lying.

In contrast We looked at Belgium also afterwards… piece of cake!


sent in by @AdamWiener1

sent in by @AdamWiener1

So, apart from trying to create an International 11 with 9 players we have been busy again this week on FY posting articles also!

Thanks for visiting FY this week. Always appreciated.


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Who do you think will win?

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