FY Top 5 For GW7: Including Arsenal, Man United and a Boot In The Groin!

FY Top 5 For GW7: Including Wenger’s Shove, De Gea’s Saves and a Boot In The Groin!

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Angry Arsene

Be honest, you’ve always secretly wanted to do this haven’t you?


Lallana Drama

The quick feet, the precise passing, the one-two, the accurate finish. This isn’t just a Vine of a nice goal from Adam Lallana, it’s pretty much a highlight reel of Liverpool’s season so far.


The Saves From Dave

Everton would have rightly turned up at Old Trafford thinking that they could take something from Manchester United, but then they realised that Superman was in goal.


Ross The Boss

Now Burnley probably aren’t going to feature in these top fives very often this season, so credit to Ross Wallace for this fine free-kick which earned a point at Leicester.

Still wasn’t enough to make Sean Dyche smile though.

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Kevin De Groin

Okay, it’s not the Premier League, but Kevin De Bruyne used to play for Chelsea so we can have this one can’t we?

Here he is moments later:

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