Fantasy Football cash leagues – Can you top the league?



Test your FPL skills this weekend and bag yourself some well deserved cash at

​With more and more FPL managers now turning their attention to what Football Fanager have to offer, we’ve decided to help spread the word to the FPL community and let you guys know what it’s all about.

Yes, we all love FPL and play the season-long game religiously and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but, the team at allow fantasy football managers to treat each Gameweek as a fresh start, with NO season-long commitments.

The concept of playing Football Fanager is very straight forward and similar to FPL; the only difference is that you’re only required to submit a team for the individual Gameweek, meaning you can study the weekend’s Premier League fixtures, pick what you think will be the highest scoring 11-man fantasy team and submit it like you would a bet.

With the above in mind, it really does make this fantasy football concept pretty simple, as you need not have players in your team that you no longer want but can’t afford to take a points hit to transfer out – Simply decide on what your strongest possible Gameweek 26 is, stay withing your allocated team budget and win yourself some well deserved cash for the time and effort you put in to playing the free FPL game all season.

Football Fanager offer cash leagues with guaranteed prize pots of over £450, each and every week, and with entry from as little as £2 per team, isn’t it about time we all began to make some extra cash by doing what we do best already…?

If you’re new to Football Fanager and would like to give it a try this weekend, then head over to and register for your free account – You’ll then be able to check out all of their available Gameweek 26 leagues and decide which ones suit you best.

Good luck to all managers this weekend and we hope to see some of our regulars battling it out for some extra pocket money!


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