5 reasons you NEED Everton’s Tony Hibbert in your Fantasy Football team

Disclaimer: Author Stephen Dixon takes no responsibility if you actually do decide to put Tony Hibbert in your fantasy team and will bear no resulting financial penalties. In fact – do not actually pick Tony Hibbert…


As hundreds of football sites around the world start telling you who needs to go in to your Fantasy Football team and which unpolished gems you should take a punt on – one name has failed to be mentioned; and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Everton defender Tony Hibbert stands alone as one of the last bastions of rugged English defenders and as if that isn’t reason enough to put him in your team; then just take a look at these five alluring arguments as to why you should take the plunge with Everton’s finest son.


1. He’s Due a Goal

Defenders like Branislav Ivanovic and John Terry can be relied on to hit the back of the net with some regularity every season but surely after so many seasons of good form; they’re both due a downturn. And who will be there to pick up the pieces? That’s right, rampaging (used in the loosest sense of the word) right back Hibbert.


The one-club man has appeared in 328 games for his hometown club and failed to register a single goal. If there’s one player in the Premier League who is due a good run of form in front of goal, then it’s Hibbert.

He has however scored once in a testimonial game – and it was beautiful

2. He’s Cheap


It’s unbelievable really. The makers of Fantasy Premier League have still yet to seize on the fact that Hibbert is a must-have in most teams. They have ludicrously undervalued the Everton man with a price of £4.0.


It’s almost as if they think scoring 20 fantasy points in the last three seasons combined means he isn’t a good player. If you jump on the Hibbert bandwagon early then his value is almost certainly going to rise to Sergio Aguero levels by the time the Christmas fixtures arrive and then you’ll have a shed-load of cash to play with if you decide to get rid of the stoic Everton man (but you wouldn’t want to get rid of him, so it doesn’t matter)



3. He’s Injured

It may not seem like a positive but it almost certainly is. While everyone else picks players who are fit and available to play the first game; you pick out Hibbert from the undergrowth and laugh in their face as he storms to Premier League glory and leads Everton to at least a second place finish.


Picking an injured player makes it look like you really know what you’re doing and shows that you know even more than the makers of the game. If a player with a ‘red’ injury icon is sat at the back of your team then it shows you’re a confident player. Mind games are everything in this all-important Fantasy Football world



4. He’s Hitting his Peak

I’m about to compare Hibbert and Luca Toni. Italian forward Toni is the hallmark for late-developing players having been a footballing nomad in the lower echelons of Italian football before realising his potential later in his career with Bayern Munich, Palermo and latterly Verona.


Now aged 38, Toni has scored a remarkable 44 goals in the last two seasons and continues to be a trailblazer for aging players everywhere. Hibbert is in the same mould. At 34, the Everton stalwart is ready to realise his potential and build on his last three seasons of no goals and no assists.

5. He looks suspiciously like Vladimir Putin

There’s nothing like a Russian President patrolling your back line and Hibbert is as close as you’re going to get from the Premier League.


If Russia does come calling to European shores then you can be sure that Putin will look kindly on you for having stuck with Hibbert during what has been a difficult few seasons.


In any case, looking like Putin is almost certain to make Hibbert a more reliable defender. Ashley Young folds to the ground when a ‘normal’ defender comes near him. Just imagine what he’d do when faced with the man who orders around the Russian military.

Written by Stephen Dixon



Read more from Stephen from the link below, where he discusses the different types of Fantasy Football managers. Which one are you? Follow Stephen on Twitter @STEVPDIXON




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