1. Chelsea 2. Arsenal 3. Man United 4. Man City

With the Premier League back today – we polled over 100 people on twitter to get a collection of thoughts on who you thought would finish in the top 4 for 2015/16.



  3. MAN UTD


It was a close run affair for 2nd and 3rd place but unsurprisingly perhaps current Champions Chelsea led the poll in terms of the number of people tipping them for the top spot. City were the run away pick for the fourth spot. We’ve now run this poll for the past 3 years and 4th place has always been reserved in people’s predictions for  Arsenal however they’ve now climbed to 2nd in the prediction poll leaving Man United in 3rd place for predicted Top 4 position.

*1 Vote each for Everton, West Ham and Swansea finishing First were also received – so take this with a pinch of salt!

Drop a comment below for how YOU think the Top 4 will pan out.


Away from the Top 4 predictions we have the return of Fantasy Football this weekend!!!

I’ve put together links below for all the key articles published this week to help with your team selection picks

Get involved on twitter and send us your lineups and predictions etc to @FantasyYIRMA & the link for our Free to play CASH PRIZE Mini-League is below also!

Best of luck this season to all – #ScoreYIRMA

R @FantasyYIRMA


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  1. arsenal 1, Chelsea 2, man city 3, Liverpool 4,

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