Liverpool and Everton: Questionable decisions cost points!!

Now I’m not one to rant, moan, whinge, complain, berate or give off when things don’t go my way…


My Fantasy score could have been a lot better had decisions gone our way.


The Fantasy Gods decided to laugh at us this week and laugh loudly as they allowed an absolute screamer of a goal from Liverpool’s Alberto Moreno to be deemed as offside.

I felt @JohnOC1991 summed up my feelings quite eloquently

You can accept some bad luck in FPL, but this morning I watched Moreno’s disallowed goal again. Lampard vs Germany? Mendes vs Man Utd? Screw those, they didn’t cost me valuable points. Moreno was so, so clearly onside, and goal-scoring defenders tend to take maximum bonus.
Read John’s GW15 Review HERE


I watched the game, I even cheered the goal because despite not having Lukaku in the FFC team he deserved a goal after hitting the woodwork what felt like half a dozen times. I then later found that the assist had been given to Barry… Gareth-Bloody-Barry and not our very own Gerard Deulofeu?!

Having watched the replay multiple times I was utterly convinced that we could be looking at the first case of a fantasy football assist via flatulence because Barry couldn’t have did any more than fart on the ball as he appeared to jump over the cross from Delulofeu.

I ran through the available options. Emailing the Premier League wasn’t one of them. Since starting the website more than 3 years ago I’m pretty sure they blocked me after asking them for additional bonus points for Tim Howard’s ridiculously fine looking beard.


I then considered running a twitter poll to ask what people thought about this despicable act of gross negligence from the point’s allocation team, but then realised that polls can be manipulated. I’ve provided an example to this affect also…


So I did…nothing…I picked myself up, dusted myself down, swore blindly that I would not send Gareth Barry a Christmas card this year and moved on. It also helped when 6 hours later I saw this picture which helped me make peace with the whole episode.


So the bottom line is that the team was screwed over this week and the important thing is that I am not bitter… sort of… ok I’m bitter – shut up! 😉

Anyway my rant is now over and we have Gameweek 16 to contend with so putting aside my grievances I will move on… You can read the #FPL Gameweek 16 Preview Here –



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